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My Review of the Debate - McCue Part 1

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I just want everyone to remember cudahy110’s comments and how he admits McCue got a rebuttal in even when the moderator said no rebuttals.


A Yeah - you where there Randy, come on. You can't really tell me you thought Tony said anything good, can you honestly say that. You know Ryan did a much much better job, thats the word on the street from those who attended. I even heard Tony is losing 60 votes a week.


By the way, nice job getting "shot down" while trying to stop the rebuttle.  Nice!


Did you hear Mayor McCue talk about Wisconsin’s Bond rating going down?


August 2009

Wisconsin State bonds awarded S&P's second-highest rating


The bond-rating firm Standard & Poor's said Wednesday it has assigned its second-highest rating to Wisconsin general obligation bonds and reaffirmed a similar rating on bonds previously issued by the state.


S&P said the AA ratings are a result of, in part, "the state's proven ability to make budget corrections in midyear in order to maintain fiscal balance with low-but-adequate general fund reserves."


An issuer of AA-rated bonds is defined by S&P as having a very strong capacity to meets its financial commitments.  A higher bond rating helps a government borrow money at less-expensive terms.


"Wisconsin's economy has proven resilient in recent years, with a large and diverse manufacturing sector and unemployment rate below the national average," said S&P credit analyst John Kenward.


S&P gave Wisconsin general obligation bonds a "stable" outlook.  S&P said that outlook "reflects our expectation that the state's current trend of fiscal discipline, which has significantly reduced structural budget deficits in the past several years, will continue and that the state will act purposefully and in a timely manner to address future budget imbalances," S&P said.


Odd don’t you think?


Waukesha County bond rating remains triple A


Waukesha County has received a triple A bond rating, the highest possible rating, from Moody's Investor Service and Fitch Ratings for the 21st consecutive year.


This isn’t the first time Cudahy has had a 5 year road plan.  Craig Faucett had one.  I remember talking to him about it in 2005-2006 about Plankinton Ave.

You can see Mayor McCue is making age and issue.  He points to the fact that he is young and Tony is retired.  If you look, you will see a pattern.  McCue kicked Jack Vaccorro because of his age, saying Jack was too old.  That is elitist and ageism!  He didn’t tell Jack you are out because you aren’t the right person, he did it because of his age!


Remember during the numerous blog posts on Wal-Mart and other city things I pointed that McCue didn’t care about the elderly and those on a fixed income.  It all comes into focus now.


More on Jack being told to leave because of age - Did you hear McCue talking about hiring city people without living in Cudahy that you want the best and brightest, yet he has a problem with older people.  So his vision for the best and brightest also means not old.


This makes me think of the Ronald Reagan quote during a 1984 presidential debate with Walter Mondale, "I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign.  I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience.”


McCue is driving at, If you vote for Tony, Tony will retire soon and leave you, but I will always be here in Cudahy since I am so young. 


What he forgot was “Suckers, the minute something else comes up better I am out of here.  I am bigger than Cudahy and better than it.  If I can just get the Lt. Governors spot I can move to Madison with the rest of my liberal friends.”


Mayor McCue talks about an appointed position of City Administrator as taxation without/with less representation.  He is right!  It is just too bad Mayor McCue doesn’t believe what he is saying.  Mayor McCue wanted to make the Clerk Treasure or the City Accountant or the Comptroller an appointed position.  I have been fighting that for years.  McCue said you could hire the right person with the right credentials to do a better job.  Wait what, that sound familiar.  He also supports the RTA, which is a appointed taxing authority!  Taxation without/with less representation.  Would the real Mayor McCue please stand up.  Talking out both sides of his mouth!


You will also noticed that Mayor McCue disregards the rules (remember I told you he feels the rules are not meant for him) of no rebuttal and the so called unbiased moderator allows it by turning it into a new question.  It is Mayor McCue’s fault for not answering the question correctly in the first place since it was a multiple point question.  Must not have been one of the planted questions.  McCue seems out of place, disheveled and unsure of himself.  Not the cool cat he was with other questions.  Remember Cudahy110’s admission By the way, nice job getting "shot down" while trying to stop the rebuttle.  Nice!


McCue is only four years younger than me and in an ideal world I should welcome McCue getting people around our age in the city, but to be that against or for someone of a certain age is wrong!


Mayor McCue makes a point that no one is doing construction, odd I think I pointed to many places that Lara Fritts should have looked at.  Okay, let us just forget about all the new construction in other cities and how about filling up Packard Plaza.  I am hearing Dunhams is next to leave.  Ms. Fritts and Mayor McCue are you looking into this?


Golf superstore coming to Brookfield


Just think of all the construction and places we would have had in Cudahy if Wal-Mart had come.  Oh yeah did you notice Mayor McCue made no mention that the marketing retail survey we taxpayers paid a big chunk of money for said BIG BOX RETAILER is the perfect fit!  Mayor McCue has now bastardized the survey since it didn’t say what he thought it would say.  Wal-Mart would work just fine.


Mayor McCue talked that a referendum was not possible because of the lawsuit.  Talked with another city personnel and that was the first they heard of that.


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