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My Review of the Debate - Tony Day

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Tony Day showed the ability to talk without having written notes to guide him.  He was able to think on his feet.


You will have noticed when Mayor McCue confronts Tony Day about his wife retiring and moving Tony laughs and shakes his head no.


You will notice that Tony Day doesn’t take any pot shots at McCue even when the issue of the illegal signs came up.  Tony just said they were all given a letter with the requirements and Tony read it and followed it.


Some people are saying Tony’s answers were vague.  Unlike McCue’s setup answers where he could have empirical data at hand, Tony didn’t have the data.  That is one of the problems with having the audience write the questions while having a debate forum take place when you will not have a good sampling of Cudahy residents.


Tony’s answers didn’t contain a lot of data on what he will do when it comes to having people lock down the answers.  I know when interviewing Mayoral Candidate Kevin Fech when I asked him if he would sign a promise not to increase taxes he answered that he couldn’t make such a promise until he saw all the data that currently isn’t at his finger tips.  I asked the same question to Tony Day and the response was the same. “Randy I cannot make a promise like that without first seeing the numbers and knowing the changes that will occur with the administration changes.”


Tony has a vision of Cudahy and you could tell that it starts with getting development in Cudahy.  Development is contagious and when developers and business see we have a pro-development Mayor, finally they will start to look at us again.  Tony told me he will use the taxpayers’ money wisely.


Tony pointed that he feels safe in Cudahy and we still have more to do about safety in Cudahy.


As far as Wal-Mart, he would have left it up to the people in a Cudahy wide referendum and he would be willing to work with Wal-Mart.  He was deeply concerned that what Wal-Mart was willing to offer was never heard from even after the deal had ended.


I can shed some light on that.  From Wal-Mart people, they would have paid for adding one of two new Police Officers for up to five years.  They were willing to give the city 19 acres of Iceport land back to the city to do with what ever they wanted.  They would be willing to make the store look like a train depot, use train boxcars instead of trailers outside to house their shelves.  Put in a ride’m train for the kids to use.  Have the largest American flag in the state and a memorials display area along with it.  Donate money to have sidewalks put in on Whitnall Ave/Layton.  But who knows what else of untapped money we could have gotten them to donate.  Who knows if this next time we will get any or some of it.  Mayor McCue talks about adding a police officer as his crowning achievement, just think he could have had added one or two more at no cost to the city.  And don’t give me they would spend all their time at Wal-Mart.  Talk to Oak Creek about the movie theater and then call Franklin about the Wal-Mart.  Compare notes.  As Oak Creek if they would rather have a movie theater or Wal-Mart.


Tony pointed that Wal-Mart once in Cudahy will bring more businesses to Cudahy. 


Tony doesn’t seem like he will let personal feelings get in the way for city business. 


Tony wants to work with the people of Cudahy, they should be heard and have a say in how Cudahy goes forward.


Do remember the Wave Center at the end did find private funding for some of the building.


Yes, Tony Day was a 1 or 2 minutes late.  Do I think he should have been there earlier shaking hands with people, YES!  I also know Tony didn’t thinking the time in the day was right and he had something to do before it, but that doesn’t excuse him being late.


I didn’t count how many were in the crowd, but was told there was 50-60 which would be about what they attracted last time.


Tony Day NEVER went negative.


Tony never went over talking, when he saw the 30 second warning he wrapped it up.


Tony did talk about the City Administrator and pointed out the Mayor normally does the economic development (Mayor McCue hired an Economic Developer and internets for over $100,000 combined).  He did say that with a City Administrator you can roll some of the job duties to others.  I don’t agree with a City Administrator and Tony Day does think it should go to a referendum once it has been explored by a city committee so the voters can have the most information.


Tony Day is a big supporter to have a residency rule.  If you work and live in the city, you will do more for the city because you have an interest in the city. 


We need to use the fact that Cudahy doesn’t get any applications from Cudahy people and that people hired for city jobs, don’t want to move to Cudahy as a wakeup call.  I have talked about why people move to cities.  This hasn’t been addressed of WHY in the last three years!


Tony wants to look at our expenditures and see if we are doing things right.  Mayor McCue talks that we need the best person in the job.  Wouldn’t a banker know more about budgets, expenditures, loans, and anything dealing with money then a textbook salesman who spent some times as an alderman, worked in Milwaukee County and then spent 3 years as Mayor while little to nothing to show.


Tony pointed out that the condos sold because the value of the property went down and it is a good thing that they are almost full, but the level did go down and that is what got people in them not Mayor McCue.


Tony Day would like to have another grocery store to compete with Pick N’Save (Wal-Mart Supercenter would do just that).  He would like to see a nice bakery open up in Cudahy (it could be something small shop like Aggies Cakes and Pastries in Bay View).


Tony Day was in the banking industry for 47 years (12 years longer than Mayor McCue has been alive) and for 41 years Tony Day was at his job everyday!  That says something!


I do think with Tony Day, we will get a Mayor that will start the day at 8:00am and finish the day far after 5:00pm.  He will work with all city personnel, department heads and elected officials to keep everyone in the “know” and to keep people informed on what is going on.  He wants people to freely share ideas and thoughts both city personnel and city residents.  That alone is reason to vote for him!  Right now communication is lacking and in 2008 Mayor McCue admitted in the State of City he failed on that (audio is still out there on it), but he never corrected it after realizing he failed.


So who won?  Well if you like slick answers to questions that most people know where planted questions you have McCue.  If you base it on integrity of the answers while not the most data filled Tony Day.


It comes down to this.  Mayor McCue supporters will say hands down he won.  Tony Day supports will say hands down he won and all you have to do is look at Mayor McCue struggle with a question he couldn’t answer while looking at his stabled typed notes.


What do the people on the fence think?  I don’t know.  I am not one of them.  But there are many people that are just unhappy with Mayor McCue and the sad state Cudahy is in that it comes down to anyone but McCue!


Make up your own mind. 


I hope my insights have helped you to vote for Tony Day, because I am one of those people that anyone but McCue works for me!  For the most part I do like what I hear from Tony Day and from what I know of him.  I think with Tony Day, Cudahy will get back on track and I am not talking about pinning all Cudahy’s hopes on the KRM like Mayor McCue is doing!


I think with Tony Day we will see forward progress not stagnant water treading.


I think will Tony we will see businesses want to come to Cudahy.


I think Cudahy will have a better flow of communication to the city people, to business, and to the citizens.


I think with Tony Day we will see the CDA and the Chamber of Commerce work together for development.  Who know maybe we will see the Economic Development Department show us signs of actual development or have the department retooled.


I just know with Tony Day, better Days are ahead of us. 


At worst, we get a do nothing Mayor, but with Mayor McCue, that is a guaranty! 

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