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More European Envy

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For decades, the standard question at U.S. grocery store checkout counters has been "Paper or Plastic”?  But since January, consumers in the U.S. capital have faced a different question: "Will you pay 5 cents for a bag?"


Europeans have long accepted the idea of providing their own baskets, bags or nets to carry their purchases, or paying for bags.  But in the United States, where retailers go out of their way to cater to customers' needs, being given a free paper or plastic bag to carry purchases is largely taken for granted.  So not all Washingtonians are pleased.


"I think it's unnecessary," said Daniel Koroma, 57, as he toted groceries home from a supermarket in a plastic bag that he'd paid for.  "They sell you the groceries, they should give you something to put them in."


Source and Full Story: Yahoo


Is this about saving the planet or helping out stores including Wal-Mart’s bottom line.  Just wait, the left no supports this, but when Wal-Mart promotes it heavily and starts charging people will the left go crazy!


Just another thing that Americans’ that suffer from European Envy to push for!


European Envy?  Remember I did the post called “Chicago Envy” where I talk about the big push for commuter rail.  Most of the time it is liberals that display the “Chicago Envy.”  The most serious cases also involve “European Envy” as a double whammy.  See all of those in Europe get to ride the train and those with “Europe Envy” who feel sophisticated because they're riding the train want to replicate that euphoria.


Those infected with “Chicago Envy” and/or “European Envy” often feels that Milwaukee is too small of a city and longs for the big city life!  This is really an oxymoron that manifests itself in a paradox for the liberals fear cities…


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