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Cudahy District 3 Items - Edgerton Expansion & Graffiti Issue

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Some people think asking questions is a waste of taxpayer’s money and I scoff at that!  One of the jobs of our elected officials is to field calls and emails from the constituents regarding many issues.


Email from a reader:


Hi Randy,


I read your blogs more often than not so I may have missed any discussions about Edgerton ave being expanded to Whitnall ave.  I am not for the road going thru to allow more truck traffic on those streets.  We had to pay for Grange ave a few years ago without having any say in it and none of the businesses had to pay since their access is not on that road.  But yet, their trucks are down our roads all the time.  Please let me know if you have insight to another stupid money decision from the city if Cudahy???




From: Randy Hollenbeck

Sent: Fri 3/26/2010 12:02 PM

To: Mark Otto

Subject: District questions


Alderman Otto,


Call you tell me the status of Edgerton Ave being expanded to Whitnall Ave?  Is it a go or is it still just being discussed?


Also, have you looked into the Graffiti issue on the MMSD bridge and the broken handrail?


Randy Hollenbeck




-----Original Message-----

From: Mark Otto [mailto:ottom@CI.CUDAHY.WI.US]

Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010 3:18 PM

To: Randy Hollenbeck

Cc: Joe Mikolajczak; Mary Jo Lange

Subject: RE: District questions


Mr. Hollenbeck,


The Engineering department is working on plans for the Edgerton project.  The council may discuss the project later this summer.  A lot depends on resolving detention pond location issues and the progress of the Whitnall project.


As for the bridge, it's my understanding the bridge is controlled by the state and not MMSD.  I know that our Public Works Chairman Joe Mikolajczak and our Public Works Director are aware of it and have been trying to resolve the issue.  I will forward your request to them.




Alderman Mark Otto

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