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Let's Talk Laundry Detergent

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My family is a Tide family.  We use the Tide with bleach alternative 2x Ultra.  Typically since Tide made it 2x Ultra we would purchase the 100 fl oz from Wal-Mart everyday price of $10.49 or on sale at K-Mart/Target for $10.00. 


(Price went up drastically from the move from $6.84 Ultra 150 fl oz to $10.49 2x Ultra100 fl oz.  It was to make the product smaller, have less water to be better for the environment.  Truly, it was marketing and a cost saving measure for Tide) 


Tide also makes the HE Tide product for High Efficacy washers and the going price the last two years was $13.97 for similar 100 fl oz bottle.  You are only supposed to use the HE products in the High Efficacy washers and not use the regular type.


Last year Tide came out with Cold Water Tide and the going price was $13.97 for similar 100 fl oz bottle.


People with regular types of washers (with the full size agitators) could use the HE Tide, Cold Water Tide or the 2x Ultra.  But it was a hard sell with the price difference.


So Tide decided to raise the price of 2x Ultra Tide to match the others at $13.97.  Now people will be free to purchase the HE Tide and the Cold Water Tide and not feel they are getting the shaft.


***Want to see confusing marketing from Tide***


Compare the fl ozs to the amount of loads the bottle states it contains.  They vary from Tide type to appear one might give you more loads.  You need to then look at how the number is derived and that is on average which line in the cup you fill to.  Most on them are based on medium loads while most people batch up the laundry to do it when there is a full (large) load.


One small related tip.


If you use the ultra concentrated liquid fabric softener in a washing machine that is more than 3-4 years old using the machine’s liquid fabric softener holder (not the ball you throw in with the wash) you might have to dilute with water or it might leave some of it behind and dribble out onto the clothes when the washer stops the final spin.

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