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What Wal-Mart & Cudahy Station Meant for Cudahy

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TIF projection sent to Lara Fritts on March 5th, 2009.  This was discussed by CDA the following week I believe. 


The CDA reacted favorably but then the City won their judgment against Kasten and the Mayor wouldn't consider this anymore.  The property tax revenue was projected at around $600,000 per year. 


There was no Wave as part of this proposal, Continental asked for no money and in fact offered to do the demo and environmental removal.  The City was to fund the cost of the public street and that's it.  Times were much better then.  McCue blew a golden opportunity on a windfall for the City.



Cudahy Station             TIF Projection                          Opening Time


Walmart - 136,813 SF x $98 PSF = $13,407,674       2/2011

Restaurant D - 4,270 SF x $275 PSF = $1,174,250     2/2011

Retail E - 6,400 SF x $195 PSF = $1,248,000             2012

Restaurant F - 4,000 SF x $225 PSF = $900,000        2013

Retail C - 8,750 SF x $160 PSF = $1,400,000            2013

Retail B – (moved former hotel site)

21,000 SF x $120 PSF = $2,520,000                          2014





Total $20,649,924


Along with 350 jobs just in Wal-Mart not including the other business and all of the construction jobs!  All lost down the drain.  Just where Mayor McCue is taking Cudahy!


Give McCue 3 more years and we all be flushed down the drain!



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