Avatar Playing at the IMAX Downtown

I still have not seen Avatar.  When it comes to popular movies, I am always behind the times.  Always.

However, here is my chance.  Avatar is currently playing at the Milwaukee Public Museum's Humphrey IMAX Theater downtown - now through May 2.  If you have not seen a full-length movie at the IMAX, then I highly recommend that you see this one!   During the holidays, we saw Polar Express at the IMAX and it was amazing.  There were some fast train scenes.  During these scenes, I literally covered my eyes and clutched onto my kids (for my own safety) until the trains stopped.

I only wish that the IMAX was able to play Avatar in 3D, like it's played in normal theaters.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I'm sure that the massive circular  IMAX screen will compensate for my lack of 3D glasses.

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