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Your Stories You Might Have Missed On Hidden Taxes

Cudahy, Taxes

A reader tipped me off to this story.


How to Hide a tax to say you didn’t Raise them.

Submitted By G.Umball


Posted: March 30, 2010 9:34 a.m.


Thanks McCue, you can hide a tax but that doesn’t mean you decreased it.  Is a Fire Station and Police service fee next?  Stay Tuned!




Effective January 1, 2010, the City of Cudahy will no longer be paying the water utility charge for public fire protection (PFP) service.  In the past, it has paid this charge and, in turn, recovered its payment through property taxes.  As such, Cudahy Water Utility has requested Public Service Commission authorization to collect the PFP charges from each customer, or benefiting person, on the water utility bill based on the Equivalent Meters Method, in accordance with Wis. Stat. Sec. 196.03(3)(b), which reads as follows:


196.03(3)(b).  Unless the governing body of a city, village or town adopts a resolution providing that the city, village or town will pay the retail charges for the production, storage, transmission, sale and delivery or furnishing of water for public fire protection purposes that are not included in general service charges:


1. A public utility shall include the charges in the water utility bill of each customer of the public utility in the city, village or town.


2. A municipal utility may, in addition to including the charges in water utility bills under subd. 1., bill the charges to any person who meets all of the following conditions:


o a.  The person is not a customer of the municipal utility.


o b.  The person owns land that is located in the city, village or town and in an area in which the municipal utility has an obligation to provide water for public fire protection.

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