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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Words & the English Language

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The English language is so chalk full of words.  Some words are very interesting like:


Speculation, hearsay, idle talk, unconfirmed report, unfounded information, theory, assumption, gossip, rumor, tale, buzz, imagine, guess, and conjecture


Did you notice that “lies” are not a synonym of those words?  You see when you guess it is not a lie, but it could be fiction.  The person making up the rumor could be lying though.


Again, could a “Rumor” be a lie?  Yes if you made it up, but not if you are repeating it unknowingly as a rumor.


How about an opinion, is it a rumor?  Some could say all opinions are or at best you can easily substitute like this, “My best guess is this!  My opinion is this,” but I think those people would be wrong.  Opinions carry with them feelings that may or may not be based in facts.


Many people like to gossip or spread rumors and even more people like to listen to them.  That is the allure to newspapers like the Star or Enquirer.  Am I spreading rumors propitiating them if I label it as such?


Where does gossip or rumors come from?


Sometimes they are fantasies.  Sometimes they are born in truth and morph into more than they once were.  Most of the time they do carry a small part of the truth in them. 


They come from people inside situations that wish it were public knowledge.  While other times they just want to show importance and giving all of it cannot happen.


What they are not are clear or pure factual.  Sometimes people state facts which are rumors or more correctly stated turn out to be found factual.  Is your head spinning figuring that one out? 


Remember truth and facts are not always the same.  Just as the facts, are never just what they appear to be!


The truth is often hard to find!  It can lead you blind.  It should bring you to the light.  Most of all the truth teaches you wrong from right.


Am I critical of the government especially the local government?  Oh yeah!


Do I give praise to the local government when I see something done right or unselfishly?  Oh yeah!


Are my posts generally long?  You bet they are!  I have told you all in the past many times I have a lot to say and I do write a lot of material.  BTW, this has upset a few other bloggers that read my posts.  Not much, I can say there.  Don’t slam others for blogging if it doesn’t meet your criteria.  Just because I don’t bend to your will doesn’t make me wrong or a hypocrite.  It also doesn’t mean you are wrong, it just means we see things differently. 


I told you before I typically don’t have short sweet stories to tell.  What I do bring to the table is something different and honest doses of reality, which at times is hard to hear.  We have become a “sugarcoated society” and the truth often more than not, is painful to accept.


I will not be picked to have one of my posts chosen as a “Best of the blogs”.  See I upset too many people while energizing others.  I have told you this before that Mayor McCue has even tried to have my blog pulled down.  Others have tried to paint me in very unkind light, yet I still stand.  Someone has even been quoted as saying, “I finally was able to shut up the big mouth!”


I blog because I have opinions that I want to share.  I hope to help guide government to be clearer, concise, open, and honest.  My heart truly has the best intentions for my city, state, and country. 


Do I think my way is the better way?  Oh yeah!  See part of the problem is way too often our local government doesn’t tell the truth and whole story.  It is unacceptable to allow our politicians to double speak and give us lip service.  It is just as unacceptable to remain silent.


You might not agree with me and that is okay.  Have I made friends?  Yes!  Have I made enemies?  YES!  Mayor McCue is my biggest fan.  I have respect of the office of Mayor, just not him personally.  While on the phone talking to someone recently they told me that Mayor McCue is stepping on his own feet and that people are noticing he doesn’t have the city’s best interest in his heart.  I don’t mean no ill will to Mayor McCue, I just don’t think he is the right fit for Cudahy. 


2010 is time for change.  It must be someone with the understanding of what Cudahy is.  They must take the best parts of Cudahy and help it move forward, not trying to remake it.


Why do I write/post?


I am trying to not only voice my opinions, thoughts, concerns, ideas, observations, but to educate was well.


I also hope that people with power read my posts and do something!  There is power in voice, but more power in action.


Some of you reading my blogs have the ability to make changes, to right wrongs, and make a difference.  I used to call and email and get lip service or ignored, now at least many people can see the actions I am talking about.


I hope someone does something.


As people have seen from my posts and my writing on the public forum on Wal-Mart, I care a great deal about our city.  Some think I am negative, but I don’t see it that way.  I am a realist. 


When you join the military and in basic training a few of the things they are trying to do it break you down and build you backup.  Keeping the positive, which made you strong and building on it.


They also teach you the importance of your platoon and how each member is your family and you must have each other’s back.  How to follow the chain of command at the same time how to be an effective leader.


We as a city could learn a lot from just a few of the things from basic training.


"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." Greek proverb


Economical with the truth

If someone, especially a politician, is economical with the truth, they leave out information in order to create a false picture of a situation, without actually lying.



An Email on Rumors


Question from email on this subject: “Randy, I see many of these rumors involve the Mayor. Why don’t you dispel them like you have done with others?”


As I have said, we don’t know the truth so they are rumors until otherwise noted.


In the past, I have dispelled rumors that involved the mayor.  He reads the blog and could easily post a comment to dispel them and his supporters can do the legwork into them and report back on them if they wanted to and if it mattered to them.  But most people won’t take the time.  Just like defending the Mayor on his accomplishments.


I will make it easier for people.  Here is the email address to email candidate McCue


Post the emailed response not just a paraphrasing of it, but just how it is written.  Email is THE method to a phone call or in person since something can be lost in translation or in the conversation with a verbal conversation (unless you record it.  Word to wise McCue doesn’t like that), but the email is exact.  That is why McCue doesn’t like email.  Very little wiggle room with them.


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