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Updates to Mayor McCue's speech.

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor, McCue

The 5-year road plan has been put on hold.


The work on Whitnall Ave maybe put off a year if Cudahy doesn’t have enough bond.  See the costs are going up because of all the stimulus funds driving up prices.

(This came out in the Monday DPW meeting)


When the construction on Whitnall does go forward, it will be just a resurface.


Mayor Ryan McCue never talks about the marketing survey.  That is because it states the best use of the Iceport land is big box retailer.


The last Wal-Mart proposal on March 5th 2009 didn’t contain any taxpayer’s money besides the cost of the public street.


McCue makes the statement that Wisconsin’s bond rating went down last year, but that isn’t what is stated:


August 2009

Wisconsin State bonds awarded S&P's second-highest rating


The bond-rating firm Standard & Poor's said Wednesday it has assigned its second-highest rating to Wisconsin general obligation bonds and reaffirmed a similar rating on bonds previously issued by the state.


S&P said the AA ratings are a result of, in part, "the state's proven ability to make budget corrections in midyear in order to maintain fiscal balance with low-but-adequate general fund reserves."


An issuer of AA-rated bonds is defined by S&P as having a very strong capacity to meets its financial commitments.  A higher bond rating helps a government borrow money at less-expensive terms.


"Wisconsin's economy has proven resilient in recent years, with a large and diverse manufacturing sector and unemployment rate below the national average," said S&P credit analyst John Kenward.


S&P gave Wisconsin general obligation bonds a "stable" outlook.  S&P said that outlook "reflects our expectation that the state's current trend of fiscal discipline, which has significantly reduced structural budget deficits in the past several years, will continue and that the state will act purposefully and in a timely manner to address future budget imbalances," S&P said.



When Mayor McCue tells people he is tough on taxes, tell him okay right.  While in Milwaukee County Government, he was known as part of the High Tax Tag Team.


The proposed tax freeze is an empty proposal (sometimes McCue says it is a promise and others it is just a proposal) since he cannot do anything about MMSD, MATC, (soon the RTA) Milwaukee County or the Cudahy School District budget. 


As McCue said, I only raised your 1.8% this year!  Translation – I can and will raise your taxes as I please.  If they are frozen in 2011, watch out for 2012 because I am not a tax hawk!


First, he wanted to raise them to 2%, I was at that meeting, and second McCue wanted to have a payroll increase for the Mayor’s salary.  


Iceport votes from Cudahy One –


No mention of McCue seconding the motion, and voting to begin negotiations with sportsites, like he did.


No mention of all of his votes in favor of this project while as an alderman and member of the cda.


The tax levy increases under Mayor Hohenfeldt were from 2.9 % to 3.5 %, since Cudahy had the third highest growth rate of new construction under Hohenfeldt.  The levy limits imposed by the state were upheld, and working with the treasurer, department heads and council, proposed three balance real budgets.  If he was so bad, why were their budget surplus in each of those 3 years (which McCue has spent like a drunken sailor!).


What were the budget surpluses under McCue?  Oh, I forgot, he had two deficits, and you could probably predict that 2009 will once again come in as a deficit.  That is POOR financial planning by the mayor Ryan McCue.




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