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What We Know of Mayor McCue

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Ask yourself, does this sound like a person Cudahy wants to re-elect for Mayor?


Rules don’t apply to him - signatures at the post office, campaigning sign size illegal, no disclosures in the signs.  Debate/forum rules also don’t apply to McCue!  All that from a guy how tells people you want someone to read the fine print.


Used the City Newsletter as a campaign flyer paid by the taxpayers, not just once but twice.


In 2007 said no more used car lots, in 2010 not so!


Playing the hide the tax game.


Part of the Milwaukee County High Tax Tag Team.


Forgot to tell people about the $20 Million in development he said no to.


Wants to use taxpayer money for development on the Iceport.


Doesn’t want people to know the truth about the issues with the Iceport demolition.


Went negative at the debate.


Possibly stacking the questions in his favor so he can read his written notes.


Mayor McCue doesn’t want to have Cudahy’s citizens asking questions of him!


Where he learned how to work part time and get paid full time


Claims he doesn’t like appointed positions, but we know better.


Claims he doesn’t support unelected taxing boards, but he does he supports the RTA.


Mayor McCue has his eyes set on the 2010 Lt. Governors race and spot.


Mayor McCue feels he doesn’t need to answer for his actions to the citizens of Cudahy and McCue is Speaking But Nothing is Coming Out


If you corner him for an answer of what is better, he will give you a line and hope you don’t check it.  Microsoft to Madison


The proposed tax freeze is an empty proposal (sometimes McCue says it is a promise and others it is just a proposal) since he cannot do anything about MMSD, MATC, (soon the RTA) Milwaukee County or the Cudahy School District budget.  This is just to make McCue who as you remember was part of the High Tax tag team in Milwaukee County. 

He knows better of what should go on the Iceport and it isn’t big box even though the 2009 marketing retail survey states otherwise.


Mayor McCue takes credit for things he didn’t even do!


Mayor McCue’s actions on the Iceport are cause more taxpayer money to be wasted. 


Take a look back at the report cards I did on Mayor McCue.


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It’s important to close strong in this particular game, because people aren’t great at remembering past performances when they vote, but that is where I come in to remind people what was promised and what was the end result.


Elected officials routinely are judged based on the extent to which their campaign promises meet the expectations of action on the campaign promises.  For those of you Cudahy elected officials that support Ryan McCue and hitch your caboose to his train, beware of the consequences! 


For the 2007 Mayoral election in which Ryan McCue won, the expectations were as big as they could be and the net result is flat and down!


The Kool-Aid has spilled and is drying up!  Everyone who is off of the Kool-Aid seems to think what did I do and how can I fix it?  It is like they are coming out of a coma!


Has anything from the report cards I did on McCue’s 2007 campaign promises been fixed?  Voters were bamboozled by Ryan McCue in 2007.  Do we want that same mistake or have we learned from our mistake and are ready to move forward and on?  Stop the bleeding and start fresh.


You can fool all of the people some of the time!

You can fool some of the people all of the time!

But you can't fool all the people all of the time!


McCue and Cudahy are like two trains on separate tracks and will never arrive at the same destination.  NEVER!


The City and McCue are always looking for the next big thing, the silver bullet that’s going to turn things around and if you listen to McCue it is the KRM and only the KRM can do.  McCue is pinning the hopes of Cudahy all on the KRM.  You cannot move forward into the past!


Ultimately, however, local businesses say they can only do so much and that the city badly needs an economic strategy that will bring employment opportunities here.  In the end, the only real solution for Cudahy is jobs!  For our part, we have had to accept that the city has limited resources and that we have to work together to change things ourselves and that change is getting a new Mayor in Cudahy! 


Now that you are done reading, sure doesn’t sound like Mayor McCue would get better as Mayor with 3 more years.  This  doesn’t sound like a person Cudahy wants or needs to re-elect for Mayor, so don’t vote for him!


Character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching


Sidenote – McCue was buddy buddy with former Cudahy Mayor Ray Glowacki until Tony Day entered the mayoral race.


Let me reiterate, I support ANYONE else for Cudahy Mayor than Ryan McCue.  I am sure he is NOT my biggest fan either, even though he does read my blog posts.


I am not hiding behind anything!  Reasonable and fair criticisms of any elected official are acceptable in our democracy that enjoys free speech.


I am still thinking of making T-Shirts that say, “I survived the McCue years!”


Let your decisions be made on the three years as a whole, not on what have you done for me lately.  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.  Every squirrel gets a nut if they try hard enough.....


In the end, your results have to do the talking.


Has McCue helped bring in manufacturing or any new jobs for that matter?


Has Cudahy government become more open and transparent?


Draw your own conclusions and think if you and Cudahy are better off today.



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Vote for Tony Day for Cudahy Mayor and let’s end this madness! 


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