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My Cudahy Election Thoughts and Recommendations

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My recommendations are in blue text


Attorney (3-year term):

Paul Eberhardy (inc.) - He is running unopposed and I think he has done a great job!


Clerk/Treasurer (3-year term):

Dennis Broderick – I don’t know much about him.  He seems fine, but he is being supported by McCue.


Robert Goss (inc.) - (Yes I am friends with) – One thing I like about him, he’s a very good check and balance.  He likes to question why things are done.  He cares about the people and has balanced his job working with other city people and the citizens’ needs.  He fully understands he works for the people of Cudahy!


Comptroller (3-year term):

James Williamson (inc.) – While I have had personal issues with Mr. Williamson, I think his work seems just fine.  I know he has personal issues with Clerk Treasure Goss and it might have simmered over into the work area.  From what I know, the rest of the work he does is good. 



Judge (3-year term):

John E. Dobogai – He sounds like he would be a tough but fair judge.  I think he can cleanup what is left to be done.


John Zodrow (inc.) – A very nice man.  Always answered my questions, but I just don’t think he can get the job done.  He is costing the city revenue and not sure if his personality and that of the police force can work together.


Common Council (3-year terms)


District 1:

Joe Mikolajczak (inc.) (Yes I am friends with) I think of all the alderperson he does the most for the city.  If your alderperson isn’t getting it done, “just call Joe” is what I am told.


District 2:

John Cummings III – I don’t know much about him and really don’t have an opinion.


Mary A. Schissel (inc.) – While I have had my personal issues with Mary in the past, I have come to understand her more.  I do think her sampling method for how she should vote on Wal-Mart was flawed (she called 30 random constituents of hers) and I think if she had to do it over, she would send out a mailer to all of her constituents to find out more exactly they wanted her to vote on it.


District 3:

Darren Grams (Yes I am friends with) – Took the ball on the sexual Predator ordinance and started to get District 3 residents to talk about it and helped to change it.  He has good ideas and wants to get the residents involved and have good communications with them.  


Mark Otto (inc.) – Started out good and I think the main problemis he has side with Mayor McCue on almost all things.  I am not the only one, as his nickname at City Hall is mini McCue or McCue Junior.


District 4:

Jason Litkowiec (inc.) – After coming out of the gun great, I was somewhat disappointed with him.  A very nice guy and very easy to talk to.  I think getting some more time under his belt and a new Mayor could be a good thing.


District 5:

Richard Bartoshevich (Yes I am friends with) – A tough fiscal conservative who is pro development and has a good grasp of the rules and what is wrong with Cudahy and how to fix them.


Thomas Pavlic (inc.) (Yes I am friends with) – A fiscal conservative who has great ideas, but doesn’t get the details conveyed.  He could bring a lot to the table if he didn’t get too frustrated and was able to work with the other alderpersons on what he wants to do.  Needs more of a follow through some more tact, then he might get the support from the others he needs.  We need good ideas, but we also need the nuts and bolts to the ideas.  How is it going to work.


Mayor (3-year term):

Anthony Day – I think I have written as much as why you should vote for Tony as I can.  The opposition can only tell you why not to vote for Tony, but they cannot tell you why to vote for McCue.  That speaks volumes.  Cudahy’s main issues today are a lack of development, high taxes, and crime.  They go hand in hand.  Tony is pro business, pro police, wants to explore making the Mayor’s job part time, and would like to present that idea to the voters in a referendum once he has the details worked out.  Yes Tony was on the CDA for the Iceport, as was McCue (McCue was an alderman then as well) and they voted for the Iceport.  We can only speculate how McCue would have voted had he stayed on the CDA and as a Cudahy Alderman instead of jumping ship to the next bigger thing that came along.


Ryan McCue (inc.) – Well, for almost three years I have chronicled the failures of Mayor McCue and looking at the real facts, that McCue has raised our taxes as a Milwaukee County Supervisor and as Cudahy’s Mayor.  The McCue supporters want to call Tony a taxer, but McCue is the real taxer and he has the button to prove it.  McCue was known as a member of the High Tax Tag Team.  That is a fact!  McCue hasn’t brought any new businesses to Cudahy, he did cleanup the Iceport, sort of.  It still isn’t done and the Cudahy taxpayers are on the hook for it.  He pushed Wal-Mart away who would have cleaned up the site on their dime and brought jobs to Cudahy.  McCue is already a Part time Mayor; he learned that at the County.  We cannot afford 3 more years of, “Do nothing but raise your taxes” McCue.  He is already looking for the next better thing; remember the Lt. Governor’s job, so a vote for McCue is a wasted vote.  He has told me he is bigger than Cudahy and just by him always, keeping an eye for the big and better is proof to that.  If he wins and puts his hat in the ring for the Lt. Governor’s race, we can be faced with a special election and this election would be for not!  Do the right thing and send him packing, then he will have plenty of time to think about big and better.


Mayor McCue promised Cudahy a “New Day”

Only Tony Day can deliver Cudahy “A New Day”


The only way to move Cudahy forward is with Tony Day!


Yes way to Tony Day!


Cudahy voters you have a say, Please vote for Tony Day!


We had a Mayor who would just Play Mayor

I think it is time to elect a Mayor who is the Mayor

That person is Tony Day and he won’t just say and play Mayor

He will be Mayor Day


Do you want a Mayor that wants his own Way?

Or a Mayor that listens to what the people Say?

Vote for Tony Day and Cudahy people will have that Say!


Tony Day is the right way!


Bring Cudahy out of the Night and into the Day!  Vote for Tony Day!


Hooray for Tony Day!  Hooray for Cudahy!  It truly is a new Day!


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