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Reminder VOTE TODAY for 2010 Spring Non-Partisan Election

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Today is Wisconsin’s Spring Non-Partisan Election


Polls open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. 


Anyone in line at 8:00pm must be allowed to vote.



************Important information you might have missed!!!**************


The City of Cudahy is being told to pay up the back taxes on the Iceport land from 2005 - 2009 at a cost around $1.2 million.  Since the CDA owns this land, does the City of Cudahy or the CDA have to pay it?


No wonder Joe Henika told the city not to buy the land because not only would the city be in for the cleanup but the taxes as well!  He was right.  And when I say city I mean the Cudahy taxpayers!!!!


And when the City or CDA has to pay for it, that means a loan that the Cudahy Taxpayers will have to repay.



My quick recommendations:



Attorney (3-year term): Paul Eberhardy (inc.)


Clerk/Treasurer (3-year term): Robert Goss (inc.)


Comptroller (3-year term): James Williamson (inc.)


Judge (3-year term): John E. Dobogai


Common Council (3-year terms)


District 1: Joe Mikolajczak (inc.)

District 2: Mary A. Schissel (inc.)

District 3: Darren Grams

District 4: Jason Litkowiec (inc.)

District 5: Richard Bartoshevich


Mayor (3-year term): Anthony (Tony) Day


Celebration Parties


Anthony (Tony) Day’s party is at Southwoods

Ryan McCue’s is at Pinter's Inn

John E. Dobogai is at Pinter's Inn

Robert Goss’s is at City Lounge

Darren Grams is at the K-ranch at 7:30pm


Thank you Mayor McCue for the gift of $1.2 million in back taxes that “us” taxpayers will have to pay for on the Iceport!  You did such a bang up job sticking the demolition, the cleanup and now the taxes to the Cudahy taxpayers.  Thanks a million or 1.2 million!

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