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Keeping Mayor Tony Day on the Straight & Narrow Part 1

Tony Day, Cudahy

So there are McCue supporters already upset that I will now go after or turn on Tony Day.  WOW….That is just to attack me.  One would think that they would want me to attack Tony.  And if I didn’t attack Tony Day they would have griped about that.


First, as I have said many times, this isn’t personal.  See I am not a defender of people or my party if they are doing things wrong in the public sector.  Right and wrong, I understand the difference.


Look back at the Scott Walker blog post I did on September 26, 2008 called Pure Disappointment to see I will call out my own when I see something wrong.


YES “wrong” is a subjective word.  Wrong by whose standards?  Well this is my blog and I will give my opinions along with the facts and truth.


So, if Day isn’t staying true to his word, campaign promises, or what a Mayor should do, I will be calling him out.  This has some liberals upset.  See in the mindset of liberals, they defend their own even if they are wrong.  You attack one of us, you attack us all.


Yes, if I see Mayor Day wasting tax dollars I will call him out on it.  I have principles, values, morals, and common sense that guide my sense of right and wrong.  Just because my so called guy is doing it, still doesn’t make it right!


I hope the McCue supporters do hold Tony accountable, as we all should do.  While at Southwoods talking to Tony, he told me that people can do all the open records they want on him while he is Mayor, he will not have anything to hide. 


Will the McCue supporters still cry about the money it costs to do the open records request or will it be a different story.  Typically, liberals are do as I say not as I do or if you do it it’s wrong but if I do it that’s okay.


“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”- John Wooden


He also said he would not be using McCue’s office; he wants to be visible and accessible to the people right when they enter City Hall, he will be in the office at 8am and people will know where he is.


He has a list of things he wants to work on with the city personnel, department heads, Common Council members, businesses, and the citizens of Cudahy.  He said he has a strong plan of action, a vision of Cudahy, but that plan & vision is only complete with the help of everyone in Cudahy.


The trouble with politicians and democracy is they all the time have to compromise, they can't do what they want to do because there is somebody in opposition.  It certainly takes a lot longer to do something than it should, but in some cases, that is the right way.  It is the differences that also matter and working towards a common goal.  However, people all have to want to move in the same direction or we will never move.


Tony thinks there are areas of loans and grants that he would like to study and see if more can be done.


He again said, he would take the positives and continue to go forward!  He said, we don’t need to look back at the negatives; lets just change them and move on.


I told Day I would like to volunteer for any commissions or committees if there are any openings as long as there are no strings attached.  I don’t feel I owe anyone anything and I will not get rid of the blog.  He laughed and told me he doesn’t care if I have a blog or not and I don’t own him anything.  He even reminded me with Kevin Fech standing next to me that I wasn’t his guy.  I laughed and looked at Kevin and told Tony, no you weren’t but to the alternative of McCue, Tony was miles ahead.


I can hear the McCue supporters when things in Cudahy start to turn around with Day; It is only because of the things McCue put in place.  Or if things don’t improve, see that is what you get and it would have improved with McCue and not the fault that Mayor McCue hardly doing anything or nothing.  They have a perfect out no matter what the outcome, so Tony needs to hit the pavement hard and we need to see results soon.


The McCue supporters are up in arms that Wal-Mart will now be coming.  This bothers them a whole bunch.  As I have said before Wal-Mart is still interested in Cudahy, but that is a blog post all to itself.


Mayor Tony Day does get the first year free pass?


Just as I said to Mayor McCue, “Please don’t take all my harsh criticism personal.  I told Tony Day if he wins and makes mistakes or doesn’t follow his campaign promises I will be all over him as well!”


We have to give the new guy some time to get his bearings, but Cudahy needs to see action faster than normal.  Cudahy, it may not be Baghdad, but it isn't Eden, either.  We are hurting more than many people care to believe and the economic crunch is worse here than many other places.


Free year pass, never heard you say that before.  You didn’t give McCue that courtesy. 

Plan Commission, Gag Order, The Questions of The Week - Cudahy Mayor,  Keeping Us In The "Noir"


Give the new guy a chance.  Sheesh.


It is time now to shift gears and get out of attack mode and get on board and help shape this administration and that means everyone.


Some people are worried what I will blog about now that McCue is gone.  My blog is about much more than McCue.  I post something everyday and have various topics.  As soon as Tony Day becomes Mayor on April 20th, I really won’t have a need to post about McCue unless to refer to the previous Mayor like I did in talking with Mayor John Hohenfeldt.  I don’t have an infatuation like some people do with me.  Count up all the blogs just about McCue and total all the blogs I have done and get a percentage.


Quickly, what is the currency name for China’s money?


I threw that in there to wake up a few of those fans of mine that find reading sleepy, especially my longer posts.


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