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Election Night Parties


I think it is funny that people that were just totally wasted have no idea what the truth was and is.  No black eye, no crying whatsoever and I wasn’t thrown out!


Let me start from the beginning.


At 9:15pm when Kevin Fech and I walked over from the Cudahy Citizens Police Academy at the Cudahy Police Station over to City Hall, we meet up with Alderman Joe.  The plan was we were going to meet up with Goss at City Lounge as he was going to be there at 8pm and not at City Hall, drive over to Southwoods talk to Tony, and stop to see John Dobogai.  But Goss was not at City Lounge, but instead reading the results.  Kevin Fech, Alderman Joe, and I waited at City Hall to get the election results final totals.


Once we got the totals, the three of us decided to pay our respects and congratulations to Tony Day on winning the Mayoral election.


So we each got into our respected vehicles and proceeded to Southwoods. 


We spent some time congratulating Tony Day and talking with him and others at the party.  We heard Mayor McCue had left Pinter’s Inn (the name most people know it by) and we wanted to congratulate John Dobogai as his party was there as well. 


So I followed Alderman Joe over to Pinter’s and Kevin quickly stopped at City Lounge to see if Goss did stop up there.  I walked in following Joe and headed to the back where Dobogai was.  I didn’t see McCue was there until I was almost to the far back when I saw McCue’s wife and turned to see Ryan.


I stopped and talked to Alderman Jason for a little bit.  Congratulated him.  Turned and saw Detective Zblewski, who was our instructor that night for the Cudahy Citizens Police Academy, I shook his hand said Hi and started to talk with Alderman Joe.


I turned to my right when someone came up to me and asked me my name.  I told him my name.  Then two others came over to me and this person.  The two coming over were known to me, Kevin and Mike (I am withholding their last names) and the guy that was already talking to me asked me again what was my name.  I told him my name again and shook the person’s hand as he had it out.  He said, “you know the wrong guy won tonight”.


He turned to Kevin and asked him if he knew who I was.  Kevin’s answer was NO.  He then asked Kevin if I was invited or welcome here.  Kevin’s answer was NO.


The unknown person asked me if I came to pour salt in the wound or to antagonize them or rub it in their faces that my guy won and their guy didn’t.  I said I didn’t come for that at all and I was told McCue had already left.  He told me that it was way too soon for me to be there and he didn’t think it was a good idea that I decided to show my face and I should go to my guy’s party.  He said how would you like it if they went to Tony’s party.  I said if you act fine, I see nothing wrong with it.  I even offered to drive them over since they were drinking and I don’t drink.


They asked me why I was there and I told them to congratulate John Dobogai.  All three told me I was not welcome and that I should leave.  The unknown person said I should leave before something happens to me.  With Kevin and Mike nodding.  I told them there wasn’t a private party sign up, only a sign for not smoking, and that they should ask John Dobogai if I was not welcome.


The unknown person made a silly comment asking if fatty was here to eat the food.  To which I ignored it.  The unknown person told me again that if I didn’t leave something will happen.  He then said that I better leave or else.  To which I said or else what?  He told me that I didn’t want to know.  He asked me if I was going to stand my ground and I told him I am here to congratulate John Dobogai.


Kevin said, well Dobogai is by the door and pointed to the door.  I told him I wasn’t done talking to Alderman Jason.


The unknown person told me he wasn’t going to debate me and then asked me what I thought about the Iceport.  To which I said that everyone in the beginning thought the Iceport was a good idea and that many people failed to check the finances and when the investor’s money fell through, it was a problem.  The unknown person said I told you I didn’t want to debate.  I said to him then why ask me the question. 


Kevin asked me if I had a big bad blog planned for Wednesday, to which I told him no, I have a story about my daughter set ready to go and I would give it a few days to calm down before I wrote any election things beside posting the full results.


Kevin and Mike told me to get out now and that no one wants me there.  The unknown person told me he insisted that I leave because something was going to happen.


I was there for about 45 minutes and I told them, fine I will leave, and that I didn’t come to make trouble or to agitate the situation.  I shook the unknown person’s hand and told him I wasn’t looking for a problem.


I told Alderman Joe and Jason what was going on and that I was being forced to leave and that I was going to comply.  I asked Joe if he could walk with me and the unknown person was pushing me out and Kevin was holding the door open.  I stopped and congratulated Mr. Williamson and Mr. Dobogai as they were both at the door.  I even tried to give my condolences to Mayor McCue, but he just turned away.


When I left, they said some obscenities to which I just ignored.  As I was getting in my car someone from the bar pointed at my car and then a person left.  I went home a different way, parked my car and went into the house to talk to my wife.


I called the CPD and asked to speak to an officer, as I feared for my family and my property.


Lieutenant Kraker got on the phone and took down the report.  He asked me if I wanted for him to investigate it by going over to Pinter’s.  I told him no that I think it would just make things worse.  I told him that Detective Zblewski was there, but I was unsure if he saw anything.  He said I shouldn’t have anything to worry about that it was just people mouthing off after a few too many and the election.  He took my address and said they would put a special watch on my house.


I didn’t go there to antagonize anyone or look for trouble.  I went under the impression that McCue had left and I was going with Alderman Joe to congratulate John Dobogai.


I think it is sad that things come down to violence and I understand I wasn’t the most welcome there and it wasn’t the best idea, but with the information I was given, I thought things would be okay.


As it turns out, the three of them were reported at Southwoods crashing Tony Day’s party all drunk and loud.  Tony’s party was winding down and they were led out by Larry.


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