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Keeping Mayor Tony Day on the Straight & Narrow Part 2

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What have I been hearing in the wind?  I know this part really gets the McCue supporters.


Well there will be a transition period and with a new administration, there comes the changes of change.  I am hearing that a great deal of the focus will be on the Economic Development Department.  There will be a look to the costs, mainly in salary.  I heard that the main salary number is way over and a figure $40,000 was more inline with the real value.  I was told there is no need for the interns.  If the City has PR work, the Mayor’s office has an assistant/sectary for that already.  The department’s sole focus needs to be development.  We need a chart of where projects are.  We need to know how many are in the one month, six month, one year, three year, five year, or ten year pipelines.


I was told that the Economic Development Department’s involvement with the “Employee Manual” is a strong example on how the time and efforts of the department were used unwisely on things that didn’t have anything to do with development.


In the end, your results have to do the talking.


Of course, changes like that will have to go through the Personnel Committee and the Common Council.  I was reminded that all city people not elected are “at will” hires.


The Economic Development Department, CDA, and the Chamber of Commerce need to work much, much more closely together as their functions overlap and in the past there wasn’t a synergy between them.


I was told that the committees and departments will not be micro managed and will be allow to do the work they need to with the executive branch (Mayor) not meddling.  


I asked Tony about these and he told me he didn’t want to comment on them at this time.  He has a big portion of his platform he didn’t release and will shortly.


I am hearing that city people are now saying things like, well I was just doing what I was told or it wasn’t my idea for that.  It is understandable that people would move away from McCue or throw him under the bus now that McCue is the outgoing Mayor.


I have received emails if McCue cleaned up his desk, turned in the credit cards, city use phone, and keys.  I don’t have an answer to that.  Basically McCue is still Mayor until the 20th.


One final thought.


I just love how McCue supporters need a scapegoat and I am that.  I am sure they will have as many excuses for doing it as Bufferin has aspirins.  Anti-intellectuals are always demonstrating how desperately they need to invent their own demons to throw stones at. 


Many of his supporters call my blog a trash can, that I have lies on it and how I am not fair and balanced, people don’t read it, nobody cares about me or my blog, you are just one voice and that people don’t even like me.


Now that McCue lost the election some are saying it is because of my blog and all those that read it, how I confused people on the issues, never gave McCue a chance to respond on the site and if I only would have blogged about non local government things McCue would have won.


You can only have it one way or another.  That is how the flawed logic dances in your brains.  Either people including yourself are reading or no one as you claim, choose one and stick to it! 


Ask yourself why bother coming to read my blog then if it is trash?  Oh, that is right, so you can laugh at it!  Sorry friend, people laugh at those that make the false statements like that, not at me.  If your definition and your premise are wrong, your conclusions that follow have to be.  Thus, your logic and reasoning are as well.


Do I have people that don’t like me or hate me, sure, but I was never looking to make friends with everyone.  I wanted to share my opinions with others, get the truth out, and just inform people.  Do I think my blog played a role in McCue’s loss?  Yes, not very big one though I will add.  People will form their own opinions and have done so.  I think the truth and just informing people is the difference.  One voice does matter and everyone has a voice and their voices ALL matter!


"Be who you are and say what you feel because people who mind don't matter and people who matter don't mind."  -Dr. Seuss


Get a NOW blog for yourself, they are free.  The more voices we have the better.  I am the only conservative on the Cudahy Now and we could use more of anyone, conservatives, moderates and liberals and those that don’t fit into the tightly packaged labels.  Question, if you wanted to truly balance out the Cudahy Now wouldn’t you want more conservatives other than the one that is me?  I’m betting it will be a liberal though.  I look forward to the debates, just as long as it is on the issues.  I am told by some of my conservative friends that 11 liberals to 1 conservative is a fair fight. 


Maybe Ryan McCue will even get a blog or maybe he will work with one of his supporters and help write the blog posts with them.


Unleash the Kraken!


Even individuals such as myself participating in basic free-speech activities can find themselves in the crosshairs, and I think I will now be in a few people’s crosshairs.


The important thing is get your voice heard.  One draw back for the McCue supporters whose only job is to attack me is the NOW will not allow that type of attacking from one of its own bloggers.  The other is they will be known not only by a name, but by picture and will have to stand their ground when asked to defend it without name calling, but with the issues.  Yes name-calling!  Personal attacks are next!  It must suck being so bitter, you have my sympathy.


I do think someone will come forward whose only job will be to bash Tony Day and those that supported him, just compare how they attack Day compared to how I informed people on McCue.  I stayed on Mayor McCue for 2 ½ years and not on McCue the man, but as the public servant.


Get out yer' big guns and hunt down Mayor Day if you don’t think he is doing things right, but be able to articulate it without name-calling and personal attacks, but on the issues.


I hope all that reading didn't induce narcolepsy in my second biggest fan!


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