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Cudahy Citizens Police Academy - Week 2

Cudahy, Citizen Police Academy, Police

In tonight’s class, Detective Sergeant Dala Milosavljevic (Milo) and Detective Shawn Grimm demonstrated a mugging and took witness statements.  It was very interesting how 16 people each saw the same event, but each one saw something different.  We had many similar info, but many totally different.


We then had to pick out the suspect from pictures of possible suspects.  I found it just as interesting that they show 6 suspects and 2 blank sheets of paper just to show people that they don’t have to say “Yes” and there is a chance they might not even have the right person.


We then did crime scenarios.  Like a neighbor who hears a woman call for help, but when she knocks on the door, she doesn’t hear anyone so she calls 911.  She tells the 911 dispatcher that she heard a woman scream for help and this woman is known to have many male friends come and go daily.  She saw a tall heavy male leave the home and noticed a Black Lincoln Truck.


The question was raised:  Can the police enter the woman’s home?  The answer was yes.


This scenario works its way into a crime scene simulation reenactment and investigation.


We formed two groups and each got to look at the crime scene and take notes, look for clues and form a hypothesis of what happen.


Some of the notes I made were:


Two drink glasses one had a bloody finder print, 1 shot glass, blood drips on the floor to the door small spacing toward the door, brandy bottle ¾ empty, phone off the hook and unplugged from the wall, body had 4 stab wounds to the chest and 1 to the neck, the woman was placed back in the bed, 2 blood stains on the bed, blood hand print on the book case, 2 lighters, Newport cigarettes pack half full, ashtray with a 1 Newport cigarette butt and 2 Salem cigarette butts, Bloody knife under the bed, red rubber hair band on the floor.


No one lifted the blanket off the victim to see the wallet that was left behind.  Even though we were told that crime scene photos had already been taken, I think we were all a little timid in moving things.


We also got to witness first hand the use of CVSA (computer voice stress analyzer) which detects the difference in telling a truthful statement and one not truthful.  I can tell you it was accurate in the simulation of which currency domination was taken.

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