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Milwaukee County Pensions Vote

Milwaukee County, Patricia Jursik

I emailed the following letter to Supervisor Patricia Jursik, but never received a response from her.


From: Randy Hollenbeck <>


date: Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 10:15 AM

subject: Your absence for the vote on cutting pensions for Milwaukee County elected officials



Dear Supervisor Jursik,


Could you please tell me as one of your constituents, why you were absent from such an important vote on cutting pensions for Milwaukee County elected officials?


You have asked and passed cuts for others in Milwaukee County workers and now when it gets down to cutting your own pensions you don’t even show up to vote.  That is one of your job duties isn’t it?


We have no idea if you are in favor or against the cuts and by not showing up, you are doing a disservice to the voters and residents in your district.


I know Gerry Broderick was absent for special reasons as he is recovering from knee surgery.


Could you please tell me your reason for your absence?


Randy Hollenbeck


I did get an email from a reader asking me if I was going to follow up


Jursik no show


What is her excuse for not showing up to the pension meeting?  I hope you address this in one of your blogs, she needs to go.  She made her phony preliminary vote last week, and then did not have the guts to vote the real time.  I will call her and voice my displeasure and I hope she enjoys our money in her upcoming retirement.




Cudahy Resident


Again, I didn’t get a response, but Kevin Fech emailed her as well and did get an email.  It could be a case that a little sugar instead of vinegar, but I have to treat Supervisor Jursik as hostel after her calling me a liar, when it was in fact her mistake and not apologizing or owning up to the mistake but to say I was still in the wrong.


To: <>

From: "Kevin Fech"

Date: 03/19/2010 01:38PM

Subject: Pensions


Supervisor Jursik

I was curious as to how you would have voted for the reduction in pensions based on the information that was presented on Thursday


Thank you

Kevin Fech




Pat’s response 3/24/2010 about 10:00am


I favor the reduction; I was not able to attend Thurs due to personal health issue with my husband;  I will work to get this back on agenda so we can reduce pension and also study the 401K issue for elected; The budget may be a good time to revisit this.



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