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Thoughts on the Cudahy Farmers Market

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This is from the today’s email inbox:


Please read Mr. Manke's post this morning about the Bay View/South Shore Park

Farmer's Market.  Are you looking forward to the South Shore Farmers Market?


It is dripping with anticipation and excitement for the event to begin, and I can understand why.  It has me looking forward to going again (many times) as I did last summer.  It is a great place to be outdoors, get quality goods, and get to know people and talk about events and neighborhood.


While I am happy for those in Bay View to have this venue, I can't help but wonder why can't Cudahy, with 3 more parks than Bay View has, hold their "new and improved" farmers market in one of our beautiful lakefront parks.  Instead, it is going to be held in a parking lot.  I don't understand if it truly is under the "County" jurisdiction, why can Bay View have it in a park and Cudahy cannot.  They are both in Milwaukee County.


It seems like a simple enough equation--beautiful, natural, accessible outdoor space + inexpensive goods and services = family fun and neighborhood bonding & friendships.  Isn't this what Cudahy should be focusing on?  The park atmosphere invites people and their children and dogs to stay longer, get to know each other and spend time enjoying the beauty of the lake and the park itself.  The parking lot may prove to be a better location than the alley for the vendors, but shouldn't we be focusing on what this could potentially do for city image and neighborhood comradely?  I would much rather take a stroll to the park than to walk past a bunch of empty store fronts to get to a parking lot. 


Can you help?


I think the City of Cudahy would have to work with our County Supervisor Patricia Jursik on this going forward!  It would seem to me that things like this need to be communicated and shows a vast need for a special events committee!




Info on Cudahy’s Farmers Market


Cudahy Farmers Market to Open May 7, 2010

Submitted By Rachel Mosey


Posted: April 7, 2010


When the Cudahy Farmers Market opens next month residents and visitors will find a new and improved market to go along with all of the improvements happening along Packard and Layton Avenues downtown.


The market is moving to the city parking lot next to the Cudahy Family Library.  It’s a larger and more visible location on Packard that will allow for a greater number of vendors and shoppers.


“Downtown Cudahy is undergoing an historic transformation and it’s only fitting that the farmers market be included in this revitalization,” said Mayor Ryan McCue.  “Long-time resident Mike Pinter has been instrumental in the market’s success for many years, and we thank him for helping the City to make it bigger and better than ever.”


The Farmers Market will be open every Friday from noon until 6:00 p.m. from May 7 until the end of October, weather permitting.  The market will feature fresh produce and bakery items as well as packaged foods, flowers, crafts, jewelry and other gift items.


The City is seeking musicians – either soloists or small groups – who would like to provide entertainment at the farmers market.  If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, contact Marketing and Communications Coordinator Rachel Mosey at (414) 755-6919 or



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