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Cudahy Citizens Police Academy - Week 3

Citizen Police Academy, Cudahy, Drugs, K9, Safety

This week we worked with Detective Joe Zblewski on talking about gangs and drug trends.


I was shocked and pleased to know that in Cudahy we don’t have any gangs.  We do have plenty of gang members in Cudahy though.  Most of our gangs come from the Chicago area.


At present, gang issues in Cudahy are LOW.


Cudahy Police Department started documenting gangs in 1989 and has an awesome working relationship with Milwaukee Police Department on sharing intelligence and tips.


Mainly the gangs can be broken down into 3 main categories. 


There are more in each category than use listed as examples.  * Indicates presence in Cudahy. 


The Folk Nation


Which include the *Spanish Cobras, *MLD’s, *7 4 (G D Gangster Disciples) Black Disciples, Black Gangster Disciples, Crips, Imperial Gangsters, La Raza Nation, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Disciples, MS-13, North Side Popes, Satan Disciples, Two-Six Nation and have things tilted to the RIGHT


The People Nation


Which include the *Vice Lords, *Latin Kings, Crazy Boys, Insane Unknowns and have things tilted to the LEFT




Which include the Surenos, Sur 13, *C-14, Mexican Posse, Brown Pride



It was incredible to hear how bold some gang members are and how young some of them are.


More info can be found at National Gang Intelligence Center



We shifted gears and Officer Brian Olson and K9 Officer Ezzo talked about the K9 unit and did a demo with Officer Shawn Harrington.


K9 Officer Ezzo was sworn in on 4-21-09 as a Cudahy Police Officer


K9 Officer Ezzo is 3 years old and he should be able to give 5 to 7 years of service.


The food for Ezzo is donated by Pets'n'Things.


K9 Officer Ezzo is a pure asset to our Police Department and has been invaluable to our war on drugs and tracking.


Officer Brain talked about all the training he does with K9 Officer Ezzo and all that training has to be documented.  There is NO tracking training done in the snow since K9 Officer Ezzo would track the foot prints instead of looking for the smell.


K9 Officer Ezzo is a very hyper dog, which is a very good sign and has a strong bond with his handler Officer Brian Olson.


K9 Officer Ezzo is trained in Bark & Bite, for drug detections.


We got to see Ezzo find a suspect (Officer Shawn Harrington) behind a closed door.  Watch them do a bark and hold, and a bark and bite.  Chase after a suspect in the parking lot and perform a bark and bite.


In my mind, the K9 Unit is everything I thought it could be and more.  I hope someday, we have two K9 Units and we have the funds to increase the K9’s drug detections for more types of drugs.  This is an awesome program and I am glad that in Cudahy we have it!  It makes me feel safer and I know it DOES make Cudahy safer!



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