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Cudahy Citizens Police Academy - Week 4

Citizen Police Academy, Cudahy, Firefighter

This week we were at the Cudahy Fire Station #2 for a Q & A on operations and a tour.


Battalion Chief Rob Schmidt went through the history for the fire department and the station houses.  Station #2 was built in 1969 with station #1 being built in the 1950’s.


Cudahy has 25 Fire Fighters including the Fire Chief.


We have 3 Battalion Chiefs stationed at Fire House #2 and 3 Lieutenants stationed at Fire House #1 with the Fire Chief at Fire House #1.


Excluding the Fire Chief, the 24 remaining Fire Fighters are evenly split between the two houses.  They work a 56-hour work week with 24 hours on, 48 hours off.  This 1-on-2-off works well.  The Fire Fighters live within the designated bounderies.


All 24 of our Fire Fighters are crossed trained and help out with everything.  Everyone is an EMT Basic Level.


None of the Fire Fighters smoke or use any type of tobacco products.


They train on everything throughout the year to keep their skills honed.


85% of the calls the Fire Department fields are EMS.


We share a Milwaukee County Paramedic Unit (Med 10) with South Milwaukee.


We no longer have fire alarm codes like a 3 alarm fire, they are now called a Box Alarm Fire.


We also have reciprocal mutual aid will all the Milwaukee County Fire Departments and we have MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System)


The dispatch for the Fire Department is housed at the Cudahy Police Station and is now a digital system.  The Fire Fighters hears 3 tones and then the message comes over with the address and what the call is in regards.


The Fire Fighters themselves purchase all of the food they eat.  Food is NOT in the budget.  The Fire Fighter that is up to cook is the one that purchases the food, typically at Pick N’ Save (no discounts are given).


They have an awesome intern program where they ask for interns from Cudahy High School during the sophomore year and interview them and the selected few during their senior year start the program.  The interns give up many Friday & Saturday nights and come in the morning for education and training.  During this process they are only observers.


The Cudahy Fire Department also have interns from MATC that have finished their first year schooling and spend vast amounts of their time at the station house, training, learning, observing and now basic participation.


All the interns are treated as rookies (probies) and do some of the same in station work that a normal rookie does.


The shape of our equipment is above average and it is possible through a grant we might be able to get a new fire engine.  This above average rating affects all of our homeowners’ insurances.  The better the rating and response time the lower our homeowners’ insurances are.  We have received over a million dollars in grant money and our Fire Department is very good at going after them.


The average service life for a fire truck is 20 years.


The tour was very eye opening in how they live at the station.  There are 12 beds, a kitchen that was remodeled by the fire fighters.  Only the kitchen has air conditioning and the door to the bedroom area is left open.  There isn’t a basement to Station #2 so the workout equipment is right there by the beds.


Currently we don’t have any female fire fighters, but it wouldn’t be hard to accommodate one in regards to sleeping and bathrooms.

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