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Roundabouts in Cudahy?

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I have heard from some of my DOT friends that the State and County are looking at putting four roundabouts in Cudahy. 


The intersection of College and Pennsylvania

*The intersection of College and Lake Drive

*The intersection of KK and Plankinton

On College Ave at the Ace World Wide Business Center Intersection


* Haven’t received confirmation on these, but I was told they were just being looked at as in the planning stages.  I was told all intersections that are redone have to have roundabouts considered for them.


I have contacted Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s Office, Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik and Wisconsin’s DOT Secretary Frank Busalacchi’s office for more information and to confirm them.


I have heard from Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s Office and Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik, but not yet from Wisconsin’s DOT Secretary Frank Busalacchi’s office.


I have heard from a Cudahy Official that told me the College and Pennsylvania roundabout was put on hold and the College Ave at the Ace World Wide Business Center was given the green light.


I can tell you from contacting all these agencies, the DOT holds the cards and information between everyone is sketchy at best.  But it is what is normally expected.


Don’t you think they would have consulted with the Cudahy Police and Fire Departments, the local trucking companies, other businesses in the area, and the city leaders? 


The answer I have found so far is, “NO” and the County told one of our city leaders, “No one spoke up about it from Cudahy!”


When and where was this? 

Who was there from Cudahy?

Where are the studies?


Maybe Cudahy’s Common Council needs to adopt an ordinance and resolution that states no roundabouts in Cudahy unless a referendum or Common Council approval.


These are not set in stone and are proposals, but if we don’t let the powers that be know we don’t want them, we will get them.  Cudahy doesn’t even get a say, the State and County will just put them in. 


Sounds a lot like the State wanting to take away home rule on the Sex Offenders doesn’t it?


How much are we going to let the State and County push our City around?


Contact your Alderperson and the Mayor, County Supervisor and County Executive but more importantly contact our DOT Secretary and tell them we don’t want the roundabouts in Cudahy and if we do decide to have them, we will make that decision not the State or County.


Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker

Phone: (414) 278-4211



Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik, 8th District

Phone (414) 278-4231 



WisDOT Frank Busalacchi, Secretary


Mayor Tony Day

Phone Number: (414) 769-2222



1st District Alderperson


Joe Mikolajczak

Phone Number: (H) 763-5105


2nd District Alderperson


Mary Schissel

Phone Number: (H) 744-0420


3rd District Alderperson


Mark Otto

Phone Number: (H) 769-6626


4th District Alderperson


Jason Litkowiec

Phone Number: (H) 489-9287


5th District Alderperson    


Richard Bartoshevich

Phone Number: (H) 769-1889




Email from Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s Office




Thank you for contacting Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker regarding your concern about roundabouts in the City of Cudahy.


I checked with our Department of Transportation and Public Works, and they are not aware of any roundabouts at College Avenue & Lake Drive, or KK & Plankinton.


Regarding the College Avenue roundabout, I have been advised that all the municipalities (Cudahy, South Milwaukee, and Oak Creek) were contacted and met with Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and were in agreement to proceed with the round about on College Avenue.


Again, thanks for contacting the County Executive.  Have a good day.


Darlene J. Wink

Constituent Services Coordinator

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker

901 North 9th Street, Room 306

Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53233


fax: 414-223-1375




Email from Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik


Mr. Hollenbeck:  The only roads the county controls are the county highways; in Cudahy this would be either Layton or College;  The only roundabout planned that I know about was on College, and this was only going to be considered if the post office went in; this project is now on hold since the postal service is in difficult financial condition.  There were public hearings on this matter last summer.  DOT is on record favoring round abouts due to decrease in traffic accidents.  The actual roundabout, if built, would be in So.Milw or Milw, not in Cudahy.  There were public hearings held in So. Milw. last year and agreements were worked out.  I do not know what roundabouts, if any, Cudahy is considering.  As to city of Cudahy streets, I have no input on these issues. 




Roundabouts take off but still throw drivers a curve


Crashes are up at New Berlin intersection, but few are serious


With 49 crashes at the I-43 and Moorland/Rock Ridge roads roundabout since it opened in November 2007 while still under construction, it's not a stretch to say things got off to a bumpy start.


In less than two years of operation, the roundabout eclipsed the number of crashes at the traditional intersections that had been there - the entrance and exit ramp to I-43 south of the freeway overpass and the Moorland-Rock Ridge intersection serving a movie theater, hotel and restaurants.


The roundabout combined those intersections.


The old freeway intersection had 29 crashes in nearly eight years before the roundabout, according to New Berlin Police Chief Joseph Rieder.  And the Moorland-Rock Ridge roads intersection had 13 crashes between June 2002 and November 2007.


State transportation officials, though, are not about to put the brakes on roundabouts. They say roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections and ease congestion by keeping traffic moving.  Crashes at the I-43 roundabout have been less severe, they say.


They acknowledge that there have been a lot of crashes at the roundabout.  But many have been fender-benders, and there have been far fewer crashes involving injuries than in the past.  Of the 49 crashes, only three involved injuries.


"The one thing I think that needs to be kept in mind about roundabouts - I know they are not popular - but three injury accidents, that's a good number," Rieder said.


DOT spokesman Dennis Shook points out that since the roundabout became fully functional in July, the number of accidents has decreased.  "People are starting to get the hang of it," he said.


The DOT has had better luck at the roundabout north of the I-43/Moorland Road overpass.  Since that opened in November 2008, 14 crashes have occurred there.  But that is still more than the average of eight crashes per year that occurred there between 2000 and 2008 before the roundabout.


Despite the crashes, Shook doesn't consider the roundabouts dangerous.


"We've virtually eliminated personal-injury accidents.  It's infinitely better to have a fender-bender than a fatal accident," he said.

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