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Parks, Parks, Parks!

Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Parks, Patricia Jursik, Wisconsin

For those that say we must keep the parks pristine and natural, is it is too late for that?


Playground equipment, basketball courts, tennis courts, metal garbage cans, restrooms, asphalt and concrete sidewalks and roads in them, swimming pools and water parks, concession stands (Park run and private run) and park benches.  Picnic tables, fences, trails, electric, lights, plumbing, stationary grills, signs, equipment buildings, and pavilions.  We truck in sand on the beaches and parks along Lake Michigan.  Cut down trees to have open spaces.  Place up memorials, flags, and statues.  Skateboarding areas, ball fields, golf courses, and marinas.


Not all the park areas are in their original natural state as we found them in.  Anything done to the land that wasn’t naturally there, adding or subtracting dirt, leveling it, adding rocks, trees, grass, (I am sure to some even weeding), planting & stocking fish, isn’t natural.  Making a pond!  Draining swamps.  Making the park wheelchair assessable!


Why are all of those things done?


Over time, these things have invaded and just become part of the parks!  Imagine the stink some people had during the times when they were first added.  We don’t need no stinking picnic tables, that is what a blanket is for! 


While others saw them as advancements, conveniences, or a way to get more people to use and enjoy the parks. 


Right or wrong depends on which side you are on!


I am sure you can find someone that any or all of those non-natural things upset them!  Traditionalists that have a different definition of what “pristine and natural” mean!


What does keeping the parks pristine and natural mean to YOU, because it might and probably does mean something else to the next person!


Anyone remember going to Browns Lake from 1961-1982?  They had a concession stand that sold hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream, soda, candy and so on.  Until lawsuits, then it disappeared.  It did come back after awhile with a lot less cooked food.


Lawsuits are the real problem.  Cannot serve hot coffee, what if someone burns themselves?  What if someone gets sick from an undercooked hamburger?  What if the salad was left out too long?  What if the food was too warm or too cold?  What if, what if, what if!


Some people have problems with private run concession stands, but a park run one is just fine with them.  Parks are not revenue makers and private capitalization will ruin them some feel.  Big signs and advertisements will happen no matter what you do some say.  Okay?  Why and who said?  You can put in rules, laws, and ordinances that will spell out in minute detail what can and can’t happen!  The State, County, and Cities do it every day with many things!


In Cudahy, I have asked why we cannot have a Skateboard Park like they do in Delafield or a Go-Kart racetrack?  Do you know what the answer was?  We cannot do it because of a lawsuit!  What if someone was hurt, they would sue the City going after the big deep pockets!  Again, lawsuits are the real problem.  Not to put politics in this but which party wanted to limit lawsuits and which party wants more lawsuits?


How do these skate parks do it?


If a private company does the skate park or go-kart, they have to have insurance and waver forms.


What else did I hear from people about a skateboard park or Go-Kart racetrack regardless if public or private run?  It would bring in the wrong crowd or just become a hangout for kids!  NIMBY!!!!!


You can drive to the Wisconsin Dells for those things I was also told!  True, but if you want to make Cudahy a destination city, we need something like that!


Cudahy really needs to look towards Delafield and see how they are doing things right!  I wouldn’t even go to point out they have a Wal-Mart and a Target just across from one another and a strip mall full!


Now back to the question of, “Why are all of those things done?”  To increase people to use & enjoy the parks.  Isn’t that what we want more people not less? 


There maybe some things in the list that you personally don’t like, but many others do!  But the parks aren’t just for you, they are for all.


How do you feel about paving the pathways to allow park access for wheelchairs and to minimize the trail maintenance required during the wet & snowy months of the year?  Are the paths cleared of snow?  Whose responsibility is it?


One could argue that isn’t fair or right not to bring the parks up to a standard that would allow those with wheelchairs to use and enjoy the parks or that we need to keep the parks in the pristine and natural state that currently exists.


Some people don’t like the color of asphalt and say it doesn’t look natural.  There is a solution to that and it is called DuraTint, which is a Lafarge Branded Product asphalt mix with a “clear” binder.  Clear asphalt has all of the physical properties of conventional asphalt but with a “clear” color similar to wet gravel.


What about those that want the sand not to be raked at the beach? 


Absurd you might say!  To some that is what they want, this is why there are more driftwood and shells to be found as the rakes break them or scoop em up as "trash”.  After a storm, there will be seaweed on the beach, dead fish, driftwood and yes, trash.  It is a natural beach!  Hello.  Not a manicured raked beach with nothing but perfect sand.  Have you considered their wishes or just because most people want clean raked sand it is fine?


Our parks are a gift and they are for everyone to use.  Some people want more people to use them and some people want less because they are selfish or maybe they don’t want hear screaming kids.  Whatever the reason they are for everyone and anyone to use.


Not every answer is raise taxes or not every problem requires more money as that is the classic liberal way of doing things.  More money isn’t helping MPS out now is it?


How about learning to do more with less?  Ask our Cudahy Police and Fire Departments how they maximize the money they get!  As I have been told, the Parks and Police and Fire Departments are very similar when it comes to not producing revenue and needing tax dollars.  Ask Cudahy Battalion Chief Rob Schmidt how Firehouse #2 does more with less!


In Cudahy, do you think our County Parks (We have more than just Sheridan Park you know right?  We also have Pulaski Park, Warnimont Park, and Cudahy) get equal treatment with those County Parks in the City of Milwaukee?


If they do why?


If they don’t why? 


I will stop there and let you form your own conclusions!

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