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Legalizing Marijuana? Part 1

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I am NOT in favor of legalizing marijuana.  Many people have tried to convince me that if you legalize it and tax the hell out of it, it will fix the problem.  Problem solved!


Whatever you want to call it, Pot, Cannabis, or Marijuana (which is Spanish for Mary Jane) is a topic that will be popping up in Wisconsin as it is all over the place.  Not only talking about medical uses, but for the big push to legalizing it!


Cheech and Chong are doing a national tour promoting it.  Click Here for info on it!


What is the purpose of smoking marijuana?  To get high by mood altering chemicals as a downer.


What is the aim, more taxes, legalized drugs, reduction in drug use, reduction in gangs, what?


While talking with someone in the law enforcement field, I asked if they thought marijuana was a gateway drug.  He said yes, and then added that to some people it might not.  Some people will want to move on to a bigger high with stronger drugs some might not.  He feels as many people do that if we legalize it and tax the hell out of it, we will save tons of money that is used to enforce it, dry up the drug cartels in Mexico, and gain tax dollars from the taxes on it.


I do see his point and that is the point of many people.  My issue with that is, just think of the black market that exists with tobacco cigarettes, the increase of health issues from it, the issues that underage people will get it (and I understand that they already get it), the effects on the family (contact highs, destruction of the family) and other issues.


If drugs were legalized and taxed, the war & the gangs would go away!


Would it really or would it just shift to another type of gang activity?


Would the gangs that sell marijuana now be forced to push crack or other drugs to make the money up?


Could they really do legit?


There has, and always will be, a direct correlation between drugs and very sophisticated criminal gangs.  Do you really imagine that legalization and taxation will change, or stop criminal dealing?


One little problem, but it is important.  All the people currently making money out of the drug trade are going to be looking for another money venture.  Do you actually believe drug dealers will go get a legitimate job if drugs are legalized?  Doesn't it seem more likely to you that they will find other methods of making money illegally, theft, robbery, burglary, kidnap, or murder?


Drugs, like any business, is a matter of supply and demand.  The gangs make huge profits because it is an illegal trade.  Make drugs legal and yes, drug related crime will fall.


However, you will not cut off the criminal's thirst for fast riches - the gangs will just turn their hand to other lucrative crimes so that theft, extortion, blackmail, kidnapping, people smuggling, gun running and god knows what else becomes a far bigger problem than it is now.


Legalizing drugs will not get rid of these Mexican cartels and gangs.  Removing prohibition in the United States didn't get rid of the Mafia.  They are still here.  This is a war against Latin America and the drug invasion of the United States that was created by Latin America.  A direct confrontation with Mexico is what is needed as they are in no way the ally of the United States.


One of my friends that is really against it pulled this statement on me and I think he was going too far, but it was for effect.


Oh yeah, legalize drugs and criminal gangs will stop dealing and murdering?  NOT!


Apart from the utopian ideas and LIES of legalizing drugs - what message does society send to our young, impressionable and therefore most vulnerable?


Perhaps we should legalize and tax other crimes as well (Prostitution, robbery, murder, theft, etc...).  Surely, legalization and taxation are an effective deterrent to all crimes.”


Prostitution, alcohol, and drugs are commodities.  They are essentially a trade of money for product like shoes, food, sex, etc.  Robbery is not a commodity.  It is not a sellable and purchasable thing.  Allowing robbery violates the enforcement of property rights.  Where as drugs, alcohol, and prostitution do not.


One of my friends for legalizing marijuana said this, “Marijuana is as harmless as alcohol and isn’t the problem.  This is not about marijuana and hashish.  This is about heroin and crack.  Those are the problems!  Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug because there isn’t one.  Most substances in excess are harmful when abused, the same would apply to meth and cocaine.”


Is drug use a disease or an addiction?  Both maybe?


The numbers of people that died, as a result of use of mood altering chemicals are under-reported for various reasons.  It is always higher than what the statistics indicates.  Mood altering chemical are dangerous.  They mess with right and wrong, distort perception and impair your reasoning skills.  Can a parent high truly make the best decisions for those that cannot, the children?


You think weekends are bad as inebriated people on alcohol, prescription drugs and the illegal ones in cities now, just wait with more legal ways to do it.


How far do you go to legalize drugs? 


Do we just stop at marijuana? 


How long until there is a call to allow crack or heroin for recreational use?  They are only just a little worse. 


It is part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to allow for the pursuit of happiness and this is only being done to one person, the user.  Smoking pot will make me happy!  So it is my right to do what I want to my body!  This is America and women can get abortions, so what harm I am doing, I am doing to me!


All those who want to legalize and make it LEGAL to use drugs; I am very sure all of you would be okay if your children will be consuming these LEGAL substances or you are just okay for someone else's children to use drugs?  How easy is it to steal tobacco cigarettes from adults, now just think how easy it would be if marijuana was legal.  Do you think the stores will always card the kids?


Guns are legal yet criminals get them.  Regulation will not work.


It's ridiculous to compare alcohol and marijuana when marijuana is far more dangerous and destructive.


Any full-grown man can drink a few beers with no negative effect whatsoever, but when you smoke marijuana, you become high or intoxicated, after just a few puffs.  You lose control of your senses, imagining things that aren't happening, and just generally start acting dopey.


Your ability to drive, or take care of your children or do any number of normal tasks is negatively affected and marijuana is indeed a gateway drug.  Those who smoke it do so for one reason; to get high, to get that intensely euphoric feeling.  And most users begin to wish for an even higher high, and end up trying cocaine, meth, even heroin.  Just as any drug, you build up a resistance to the effects and need more to get the same feeling.


Alcohol can certainly be abused with terrible consequences.  But the vast majority of drinkers use it in moderation with few or no bad results.  Marijuana is a different story.


Legalize harmful drugs for recreational use.  Okay?


What a great message for our children that it's ok because the government says it's legal as a mom legally high crashes her car into a tree as her daughter shoots up in the backseat?


Or, don't worry, the pilot is in complete control of the plane, he's not taken anything illegal!  AND he's paid all the tax on it too!


Yes, the doctor will be with you soon, but she's struggling to focus right now, but she's not doing anything illegal!  AND she's paid all that tax on it too!


How many doctors are going to want to prescribe drugs for recreational use?  How many Walgreens pharmacies want to sell the drugs for recreational use?  How will this work?  You go to a doctor and say, “I'd like to become an addict.  Please prescribe me some heroin/cocaine/marijuana!  Oh by the way, do you also know a good rehab program as I want to study them an pick which one might work for me.”


Lets not shatter the illusion of drugs and why people use them!


Legal drugs are there to treat certain illnesses, not for people to mess about with to make them high/low or whatever.  Yes, it does happen that people misuse them.  If marijuana helps MS patients, then maybe some form of it can be prescribed in genuine cases, but for 99% of users, drugs are purely there to get them high and alter their mood.  This isn't behavior that anyone needs to encourage.


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