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Legalizing Marijuana? Part 2

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I am NOT in favor of legalizing marijuana.  Many people have tried to convince me that if you legalize it and tax the hell out of it, it will fix the problem.


What are the ramifications of legalizing drugs?  You know the unattended consequences of those actions.




Increased addiction?

Health care costs for new addicts -- who pays?

DWI increases and highway deaths/disabilities caused by drugged drivers

Detection of drugs -- blood tests in legal cases such as DWI.  No breathalyzer.

Cost of death or disability due to overdose or drug allergies.

Costs of establishing specific detox medications/programs for each drug.

Costs of drug education for each specific drug

Suing the State or Government or manufactures of them for all kinds of things from death to second hand smoke to murder.


New laws needed:

1. Protecting employers against drug use and addiction of/by employees.

2. Age of consent for drug use/minors and drugs (same as alcohol?)

3. Drug use in the military

4. Legally defining chemical impairment for each drug.

5. Causing chemical dependency without dependent's knowledge.

6. Causing chemical dependency in minors

7. Rights of defendants as to verification of drug use during legal action.


Let me draw the focus back to marijuana now.


I have heard the argument that marijuana has never killed anyone from an overdose of (THC) it.  While that fact of that has fully never been tested, even water in too high of a concentration can kill.  Any substance taken in high enough amount will cause death.


The problem with being high on marijuana is twofold. 


One, most people mix it with other drugs or alcohol.


Two, it is the actions of the person high on marijuana normally in respect to others.  Driving a vehicle, rage (fights), choking on vomit and the impaired judgment with the loss of normal mental abilities that does harm themselves and others.


Marijuana is and will be abused.  Less harmful maybe, but still harmful.  I don't want to be killed by a drunk driver or KILLED BY ONE HIGH ON DRUGS.


There is a direct link between birth defect and marijuana use.


Many people are comparing recreational marijuana drug use to alcohol use.  You want to legalize marijuana because alcohol is just as bad.  Legalizing alcohol didn't stop alcohol abuse and won't stop drug abuses.  You will just have two legal problems that you can't control.


Drugs aren't the “Real Problem”!  They are a symptom of the problem.  Legalization of Drugs will flood our country and cities with the new ways of destroying more lives than currently available to everyone.


To begin with, drug taking has to do with social ills and deeper problems.  Why do people resort to drugs in the first place?  If we can try to crack this problem then we can see the way forward.


Surrender is not an option that wins wars.


The only way to fight drugs is education and more education.


Make possession with intent to supply a mandatory capital offence it may have more of an impact.


Bring back the death penalty for drug dealing and get rid of the many criminals that come into our country, no ifs, ands, or butts.


Anyone who sells or gives drugs to people is practicing medicine illegally with out a license and any side effects they should be held accountable.


Punish the users who openly take them.  Punitive sentences not simple fines - community service or short prison sentences which would affect their lives, even their jobs.


Send a strong message because today in America we are sending a mixed message.



Legal drugs have deadly impact


Prescription drugs are easy to buy on the street because people with legitimate prescriptions often sell some of their pills, Milwaukee County Medical Examiner Christopher Happy said.


For drug abusers, pharmaceuticals are "great drugs to get high (on) and not feel like a drug addict" because they don't carry the stigma of illegal drugs such as heroin, he said.


Aside from their addictive nature, the drugs kill people simply because "there are more available than ever," Capretto said.  Some doctors consider pain another "vital sign" and prescribe painkillers without knowing how to manage them, he said.


One of Kiefer's friends told police that she introduced Kiefer to Laughrin in late 2008 and another said Laughrin was Kiefer's "main supplier" of marijuana and prescription pills.


Also that Friday, Brittany Blue, an 18-year-old Glendale woman Laughrin had just met, gave six or seven of her Suboxone pills to Laughrin. Suboxone, a relatively new drug, is prescribed to people addicted to opiates such as heroin or certain prescription painkillers.


Blue gave Laughrin the pills because he told her he had been a heroin addict and that only Suboxone could relieve his headaches, according to a police report.


The next day, Saturday, Kiefer sneaked out of her home about 11 p.m. and met one of her best friends, another teen girl from Whitefish Bay who also has a significant drug history.  They walked to Laughrin's home less than a mile away because Kiefer wanted to buy $60 worth of marijuana from him, according to a police report.


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