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Wisconsin DOT Roundabout Response

Cudahy, DOT, Milwaukee County, Roundabout

Dear Mr. Hollenbeck,


Thank you for your e-mail of April 19, 2010 concerning roundabouts in the City of Cudahy.  Secretary Busalacchi has asked me to respond on his behalf. 


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is only aware of a proposed roundabout in one of the locations which you included in your message.  The other two locations may have proposed roundabouts, but those are not WisDOT projects.


There is currently a local program project, which is sponsored by Milwaukee County, with oversight from WisDOT that is scheduled on College Avenue, from Howell Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue.  This project does have a roundabout proposed in the design just west of Pennsylvania Avenue at Ace Industrial Drive.  The WisDOT Project ID is 2355-05-15. 


During the design process, there were public involvement meetings held by the Milwaukee County Department of Public Works.  These public involvement meetings are held so that businesses and residents in the project area can learn about the proposed project and provide input on design.


The decision to incorporate a roundabout in the design of project 2355-05-15 was ultimately the decision of Milwaukee County, as the sponsor and lead designer.  Although it was Milwaukee County’s decision, the WisDOT does support the inclusion of roundabouts in projects, where appropriate.  In general, roundabouts are safer than traditional intersections and are less expensive to maintain in the long term.


If you have further questions about the project on College Avenue from Howell to Pennsylvania, please contact the WisDOT Project Manager, Jason Roselle, at 262-548-8800.






Dewayne J. Johnson, P.E.

Director, SE Region

Wisconsin Department of Transportation, SE Region

141 N.W. Barstow St.

PO Box 798

Waukesha, WI 53187-0798


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