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More City of Cudahy Roundabout Information

Cudahy, DOT, DPW, Roads, Roundabout

Director of Public Works

City of Cudahy

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P.O. Box100510

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October 1, 2009


RE:      Engineering Concerns Relative to the Construction of the Round-a-bout on College Avenue at the intersection of Ace Industrial Drive.



  • Although the size of the round-a-about has increased to accommodate semis – it’s still a minimum size for traffic flow.  It is my belief that Wisconsin is constructing a round-a-bout philosophy that one size fits all.  Like intersections, round-a-bouts have to be designed for their conditions.  This one was designed to meet minimum DOT requirements so they don’t have to purchase additional right of way.


  • This round-about is also “offset” from the center of the roadway.  This requires more distance between conflict points to allow for the necessary driver perception reaction time.  They have not factored that into the design.



  • The round-a-bout is sandwiched between two signalized intersections.  One to the east (Pennsylvania) and a proposed signal just east of the railroad crossing.  Driver’s will tend to concentrate on the signal and will not be attentive to the round-about.  I believe this will cause crashes in the round-about.  In addition, the distance does not allow for the necessary driver perception/reaction time between the conflict points.


  • The round-about is within the influence area of the Pennsylvania signal.  During peak periods when the signal is red in the east bound direction, the vehicles stopped at the intersection will back up into the round-about causing the round-about to fail.  This could cause rear-end or right angle accidents depending how quickly one needs to react.



These are a few of my concerns regarding the placement of the round-about at Ace Industrial Dr. on College.  I have no engineering data or computer modeling to substantiate my concerns since there are not a lot of round-abouts constructed under these conditions.  I base by concerns on practical engineering principles and driver observation.     

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