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Adding of 290,000 Jobs a Great Thing!

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U.S. Employment Market Adds Most Jobs in Four Years


Newly confident employers expanded their payrolls by 290,000 in April, the largest single-month expansion of the U.S. job market in four years.  However, the number of people who started looking for work again pushed the unemployment rate up to 9.9%.


Hiring was led by the private sector, which added a surprisingly robust 231,000 jobs to the labor market, which was the most since March 2006.  The government hired 66,000 temporary census workers as well.  The market prompted many to look for work.


About 805,000 people who had given up looking for work and were thus no longer counted as "unemployed" started seeking jobs again, pushing up the unemployment rate. Readjusted March and February figures were also better than first reported.




Manufacturers in April added the most jobs since 1998.  Construction companies boosted jobs for the second straight month.  Retailers, professional and business services, education and health services, leisure and hospitality, and the federal government, which hired 66,000 temporary census workers, all posted job gains.


Jobs were cut in state and local governments, which are suffering through budget crises; transportation and warehousing firms; and information companies, mostly telecommunications firms.


I agree adding new jobs is good news!  Great news in fact! 


Remember that 66,000 of the 290,000 jobs were temporary government jobs to help with the census.


Now would it be all right of me to say, “What kinds of jobs were they?  Were they high-income jobs or minimum wage jobs?  Were these jobs added in the retail sector or what sector?  Did those people added get health insurance and sick pay?”


If Wal-Mart added to those jobs, are those jobs now bad and no longer good news?  Does it matter because adding jobs is adding jobs and it is a good thing?


From 2009 - Wal-Mart to add 22000 jobs in U.S.


Think about it for a moment!  Locally in Cudahy when Wal-Mart was coming to town and wanted to add 350-400 jobs, then they were NOT good jobs, but some of those same people now think adding a job is adding a job! 


Retailers added 12,400 positions in April!  Does this mean the left will now put an asterisk on the *290,000 number and write their blogs and stories that they must minus out the 12,400 retail jobs or will they just still say adding jobs is adding jobs.


While some people on both sides of the aisle state that this is a good thing or not so good, it is great news.  Now the Obama supporters mainly think (today) that jobs are jobs, that isn’t how they truly feel and that is what gets the right wing media in a frenzy.  It either is when new jobs are added all the time or not at all!  I am tired of this, what type of jobs are they when a Republican is in the office, but if a Democrat is in, it is just fine that jobs are added!

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