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Cars and Pedestrians

Since my summer vacation started, I have been entrusted by my wife to pick Tyler up  from school.  Since most of the days have been nice, I have chosen to walk to 2 or 3 blocks, crossing many streets as I walk on Kirkwood.

To my amazement, about 75% of the drivers do not give the pedestrians the right of way when they come to a stop, if they come to a complete stop at all.  I know that when I was younger, I was not required to take drivers education.  But I was taught by my parents that when you come to an intersection that requires you to stop, then pedestrians have the right of way.  I was also taught that a driver should be alert at all interections at all times regardless of stop signs or not.

For those who need a reminder of driving, here is the link to the Wisconsin DOT Drivers Manual. Pedestrian rights are on page 25  http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/docs/e-handbook.pdf

It amazes me to watch parents, with their kids in the cars, not letting other school kids cross safely at these intersections.  I suppose that some of these parents are the same ones who think it is OK to cross the street, with there kids, mid block.  We pay for crossing guards (taxes), why don't they use them?  What can possible be so important that a driver needs to get home right now.  Is the extra 30 seconds it takes to allow kids to safely cross the street really going to make a difference in how long it takes to get home?

Please remember, that when approaching interesections, pedestrians have a right of way

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