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Real Accountability?

Listening to President Obama last night, the main message I took out of his speech last night was that he seemed to really want to hold BP accountable for the Gulf spill.  It was not so much BP that he wants to be held accountable, but he also wants to hold the Government Oversight Agency, Minerals Management Service (MMS) accountable for thier lack of oversight.

The Government has many agencies set up to over see just about everything in this country. The FDA oversees food and drugs, the FAA oversees aviation, the FTC oversees consumer protection.  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  While we have all of these agencies, I am sure that there are not enough people to truely monitor everything, far too much seems to slip through the cracks.  In a lot of cases, oversight is caused by those responsible are caught to be accepting favors from special interest groups. 

In the case of MMS, the President pretty much said as much.  Too many favors for those in the oil industry.  Prior to this, I would say that the SEC should have noticed what was going on on Wall Street long before the markets collapsed to the point that we needed to bail out major companies. 

What is the point of these agencies if they are not going to follow the rules set forth for fair and safe trade/industry?  I think that the loss of life has been diminished in the Gulf case due to the amount of oil lost.  They are also starting to show concern for the long term care of the environment, but it has taken centuries to build up the environment and only a m onth or so to destroy it.

I know people in New Orleans, they are some of the most laid back people you would ever meet.  Yet they are again frustrated with the the Government and its response.  The region was beginning to recover from the hurricanes, now they have a new set of problems.

I hope to see 90% of the oil being recovered by the end of the month. I also hope that real accountability is going to start taking place in this country.

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