iSchool Initiative

Here is a great video.  Could this be the high schools in our future?   I believe it could be.

Even though I think the brilliant young man in this video is a little too optimistic - there are still security Internet issues to think of before we provide these devices to high school kids - plus, I can't imagine a life without Number 2 Pencils - I do believe that mobile devices like the iPod Touch or iPad will be the future of our schools.  And in my opinion, a very exciting future.  I am now the newest member of the iShool initiative.

(By the way - I really, really, really want an iPad.)

(I really, really do.)


Here are some of the links to iPod Touch/iPhone applications mentioned in this video.

  Achievers Writing Center -  Teaches different essay styles. Learn how to write essays associated with applying for scholarships. Contains College Admissions Essay, College Scholarship Essay, Argumentative Essay, Descriptive Essay, Expository (Informative) Essay, First Person Narrative, Third Person Narrative, and Opinion Essay.

  Graphing Calculator - Turns your iPod Touch into a high resolution graphing calculator.

  Study Flash - Create simple front and back flash card notes for each of your classes.

  Star Walk - See the galaxy around you in real time.

  U.S. Presidents - Encyclopedia of our American Presidents from George Washington to  Barack Obama.

  Chemical Touch - An interactive periodic table.

  Formulae - Database of all scientific and math formulas with each formula catagorized such as Algebra or Physics.

  Art - Provies a list of a wide variety of famous artists, from Francis Bacon to Michelangelo with all their art in a gallery that you can view.

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