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Considerate Tagger?

Cudahy, Graffiti, Police

While talking to one of my neighbors about the rash of graffiti we have been seeing in the third district (mostly in the alleys) he made the comment of, “At least the taggers were considerate and only tagged public city things like stop signs, recycle/garbage cans, telephone/electric poles and not our fences or garages!”


I can understand what he means, but if someone still is tagging are they being considerate?



Related Info from Cudahy Police Sergeant Blunt


Since June 18th, our department has taken 29 graffiti complaints.  The graffiti has varied, from white, black, or orange spray paint, to red or blue markers.  Some of the graffiti consists of the words “Method”, “Geak” and “Blupers”, while other graffiti is illegible.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cudahy Police Department 769 2260 ext 0.


The following represents the date of the complaint, as well as the hundred block where the graffiti was discovered:


6/18      3600 EDGERTON

6/18      3600 EDGERTON

6/18      3600 EDGERTON

6/19      4700 PACKARD

6/20      4700 PACKARD

6/20      4700 PACKARD

6/20      4700 PACKARD

6/20      3600 LAYTON

6/20      4800 PACKARD

6/20      3600 MORRIS

6/20      3700 PULASKI

6/20      4900 PACKARD

6/21      3700 PULASKI

6/21      3700 PULASKI

6/21      2800 SOMERS CT

6/23      2700 ADAMS CT

6/24      5000 NICHOLSON

6/24      5000 NICHOLSON

6/24      3000 VOGEL

6/26      3000 COLLEGE

6/28      4800 PACKARD

6/28      LIBRARY

6/28      3300 ALLERTON

6/30      3300 MORRIS

6/30      5200 WHITNALL

6/30      5000 WHITNALL

6/30      5100 WHITNALL

6/30      5200 WHITNALL

6/30      4800 PACKARD


Sgt Blunt

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