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Raising Taxes Doesn't Really Fix Things

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One thing most Liberals just don’t understand is raising taxes will not increase revenue in the long run.


Maybe if we don’t use the word taxes and use fees they might understand.


One only needs to look at the MCTS


Increasing the fees of bus fare will only make it less attractive for people to use and hurts the people that have to use it, much like tax increases.


It is always, we need to raise taxes to make up for the lost revenue, but there comes a tipping point that it will not.


Transit shortfall could prompt fare increases, service cuts


Higher operating costs and expected cuts in federal and state aid are behind the transit budget gap, Anita Gulotta-Connelly, the transit system's top official, told the County Board's transportation committee Wednesday. Reduced ridership prompted by the recession and a shift by Milwaukee Public Schools to greater use of private buses to transport students also were blamed for the shortfall.


Charge more and the ridership will continue to go down!


“Bus ridership has been in decline for the past decade.


It would seem that other factors other than the recent fare increase and service cutbacks are involved.


Mass transit in Milwaukee isn’t the necessity that it is in cities as Chicago and New York; most people here would rather drive their cars than take a bus—and almost everyone can afford a car.  Car usage in the Milwaukee metropolitan area is up, despite the increases in gasoline prices in the past decade.”


Maybe it is the way the Liberals think!


Seven Huge Flaws in the Way Liberals Think by John Hawkins


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