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I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend. I believe in sharing my talents and experiences by giving back to the community by giving my time to coaching, church and especially to the disability community. I truly believe that all men and women are created equally.

Times Gone By

I hope everybody had enjoyable 4th of July Weekend.  I know that the Fech Family did.  As always, the kids enjoyed participating in the Cudahy Parade. My daughter with Lincoln School and the boys with the Cudahy St Francis Little Baseball Association.

My kids asked about the parade I would participate in when I was a kid.  I told them that I walked in the Griffith, Indiana parade with out Little League team or we would ride our decorated bikes.  As always with my kids, a couple of questions turns into numerous questions about my preteen years.

The one thing that surprised them was when I told them that a Holiday meant just that.  All Holidays were spent with family.  Nobody worked on Holidays.  All businesses, other then maybe a gas station or two were closed.  In Indiana, liquor stores were closed on Holidays.  There were no grocery stores open on a Holiday. There were no video stores around when I was a kid, another shock to my kids.  Even this morning I was asked about the phone in my house, attached to the wall and cell phones.  Heck, I carried a pager for my job before cell phones.  My kids had no idea what a pager was.

The kids asked what would happen if you ran out of something, I told them you went without.  You had to plan to have your charcoal, burgers, buns and beer ahead of time.  You did not run to the store to get a potato salad, somebody was making it.  Cole slaw was homemade as well.  Deserts, homemade.  I am sure that on more than one ocassion, a salad was missing one small ingredient, but we never noticed.

Other then Christmas, I don't think that there is a day when everybody is home or where they want to be.  I was asked why by the kids and I can only think of a couple of answers.  First, it has just become so common, that people just expect everything to be open.  Each day is business as usual, it does not seem to bother some people that others have to work on the holiday so that they can have a just go on with their lives, without interuption.  People don't feel the need to plan better because they know that if something is forgotten, then they will be able to just run out and pick it up.

The other reason is capitalism.  People look for every angle and opportunity to make a buck.  Nothing wrong with that, but why do we have some of these holidays if not everyone is going to be able to enjoy them?

Have our lives become reliant on the everyday conviences that we can not go more then 1 out of 365 days with out them?

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