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Money for Hoan Bridge Repair

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Lawmakers want to divert rail money to Hoan repairs

By Tom Held of the Journal Sentinel


Two lawmakers representing southeast Milwaukee County started a push Wednesday to divert money allocated to a high-speed rail line and spend it on replacing the roadway atop the 2.5-mile Hoan Bridge.


"It is important that we fix the existing infrastructure before we build a new train line," said State Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee).  "This is about priorities."


State Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee) joined Sinicki in asking the state's federal congressional delegation to pursue a path to set aside a portion of the $810 million allocated to the Milwaukee-to-Madison rail line.  Those federal funds were part of a national high-speed rail initiative crafted as part of the budget stimulus.


The money comes with the requirement that it be spent for the rail line, although Plale and Sinicki are seeking relief from that provision.


The roadway atop the Hoan, finished in 1977, has deteriorated and needs to be replaced in the next few years, according to the State Department of Transportation.  Repairs are projected to cost $240 million, including painting and improvements to the Lake Interchange on the north end of the bridge.


Last month, the DOT issued a request for proposals to install netting under roughly 200 feet of the bridge, a section over the sewage treatment plant and the Port of Milwaukee, to catch concrete falling from the deck.  In recent months, workers have found nearly a dozen concrete pieces, roughly 8 inches by 8 inches, that have landed on Jones Island.  No one has been injured by the debris.


Source: MJS


Finally, someone (two) from the left is getting it and let’s just see the support they get from the rest of those on the left!  Since Doyle raided the Transportation budget, getting the waver should be allowed!

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