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Guest Blog - Sidewalk Replacement

Cudahy, DPW, Guest Blog


I’m just wondering how much the city stands to make on replacing sidewalks?


They recently marked my sidewalks for replacement.  Any slab with a crack, some less than 1/16 inch, have been marked for removal.  What was really upsetting in the slab marked for removal that goes under my front stairs, since I live in an older section of Cudahy where places abutt the sidewalk.  And what is going to happen to my steps?


What is upsetting is that I will be assessed for this replacement.  If we use hairline cracks as a criteria for replacement, then we would all be replacing concrete basements, steps, garage floors, etc. like crazy when these concrete slabs have many years of serviceable use before their “end of life”.


So, it just stands to reason this is a “follow the money” situation and a way to raise revenue for the city at the property owner’s expense.


I understand the need to maintain safe roads and sidewalks, and I do agree with some of my slab replacements.  But a crack?  This is ludicrous.  A sane person would at least leave it alone and at most try to put some concrete sealer in these cracks… but they are so small, a sensible person wouldn’t even go that far.


Cudahy Resident

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