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At What Age Can a Child Be Legally Left at Home Alone in Wisconsin?

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Maybe you have asked yourself these questions:


At what age can a child be legally left at home alone/When Can I Begin to Leave My Children Home Alone?  - I'm considering leaving my children home alone while I am at work this summer.  Are there any laws or guidelines I need to know about the age it is generally considered safe to leave children home alone?


Only two states have requirement LAWS.  Maryland 8 years old and Illinois at 14 years old.  All the rest just have guidelines.


In Wisconsin, that guideline age is 12.  Parents you know your kids best and some kids are much more mature than others. 


But are some parents just too much of helicopter parents or don’t allow their kids to grow?


Are some parents making their kids afraid to be home needlessly?


Are some parents projecting their own need to be relevant and fears onto the children?


I have a friend who doesn’t feel comfortable leaving his 11 and 9 year olds alone.  I told him, well you know your kids, and if you don’t think they can stay home alone and be safe then don’t. 


Just a few minutes later, he told me that his 11 year old does baby-sit for other people though.


I find that odd that the 11 year old can baby-sit, but cannot stay home alone in the comfort of their own home where they know where everything is and people generally feel the safest.


I said to him, “Don’t you think that is a tad hypocritical?”


He said, “Well she is afraid to go up stairs or down stairs, so she would stay just on the main level!”


I said, “At your own home?”


He said, “Yeah!”


I dropped the topic.  I don’t like to give parenting advice to others, especially unsolicited or unwanted. 




* Guideline ONLY.  These states do not set a specific age after which a child legally can stay home alone but do provide recommendations.

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