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2015 Cudahy School Board Election Forum Video Recording

The school board election forum was held on March 10.  Thank you to the candidates - Gail Schacht, Frank Stanaszek, and Dennis Carney - for attending.  To meet voters and to offer yourself to questions (even the tough ones) is such an invaluable service. 
Below are the videos.  (The video is divided into six parts - because that is how my camera works.)
As a voter, there is nothing more frustrating than basing my vote solely from name recognition or from what my neighbor or friend tells me.
Be informed.  We need that for our community.

2015 Cudahy School Board Election Forum Tomorrow

Come and meet your Cudahy school board election candidates! 

This is a great opportunity to have a more informed vote - to hear from our community election candidates - and to ask questions. 

What: 2015 Cudahy School Board Public Forum 
When: March 10, 2015 at 6 p.m.
Where: Cudahy Middle School Auditorium, 5530 S. Barland Ave., Cudahy WI

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Cudahy School Board Candidates for Spring 2015

Here are the candidates for this year.  

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Competitive Marching in Cudahy - Keep It or Get Rid of It?

Last week, I received emails and messages from several parents in the district concerning the possible elimination of competitive marching the Cudahy High School Band program.  Plus I read a flurry of posts on Facebook.  At the time, I seriously knew very little about the subject.  (Well, I still don't know that much!)   I was never in band.  My youngest son is a 5th grade percussionist but not yet  near the high school programs.  However, I have certainly seen and read the passion of parents, students, and alumni in the district and I have learned, to a general degree, the pros and cons of competitive marching.  

After all the varying information, I honestly still don't know who or what to fully believe!
My hope is, when this is all said and done, when a decision is made - this decision will be for the benefit of the kids and not because it will ultimately make someone's job easier or that it will save someone time or money.   I want my 5th grade percussionist to have similar memories (either with competitive or non-competitive marching) as the passionate Cudahy band alumni who now tell their stories of friendship, music, and traveling.  It is those stories that made me encourage my son to join band in the first place.
Simply, I want  enthusiastic music staff  (with the support from their administrators) who are committed to creating new exciting memories for my son and his band friends - memories that include: goals, personal challenges, and pride for their school.  
Here is the link to the high schosol slide show, describing the reasons for not having competitive marching in Cudahy.  1-6-15 Slide Show.
The slide show is informative.  The one thing in this slide show that I personally disagree with is:  kids (with their parent's help of course), if they love an activity, will make time for it and stay in it.   I speak this opinion for myself and for most parents I know.   Over the years - there must be more reasons for the reduction of band students than just the students' busier schedules or an aversion to competitive marching starting between the 1990s and now.  
Enthusiasm in any activity breeds enthusiasm.
Here is a link to an online petition started by a student and parent at the high school - Keeping Competitive Marching Band at Cudahy.  There are about 293 signatures - and the article in the petitiion is also informative.   I wish there was a way to go back and view the comments for all the signatures, starting from the beginning. There was a lot of passion in the comments I read.
The next school board meeting is January 26.  If you have an opinion about this, I recommend that you attend.  Again, whatever decision is made, I hope it is made for the right reasons. 

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