Badgerland Striders to Host Half-Marathon April 9th

Attention runners! The Badgerland Striders will be hosting their annual South Shore Half-Marathon on Saturday, April 9th!

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Dare to Resist the Tyranny of Government

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”

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Here is an Online Petition to Oppose Scott Walker

It is now crystal clear that Scott Walker is not as interested in balancing the budget as he is in eroding the rights of Wisconsin's hard-working middle class. As I have said earlier, asking public-sector employees to shoulder a greater portion of their pension and health care costs is a reasonable request. Taking away their right to collective bargaining is not.

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WMSE Chili Contest a Huge Success

On Sunday, March 6th, I attended the 9th annual WMSE Chili Contest with my wife and son. It was a huge success. There were tons of people. I would say "standing-room only" but there was barely room to stand. The chili was excellent. There were so many chili vendors it would have been virtually impossible to sample them all. I walked around and just picked some more or less at random. I can't say there were any I didn't like. One of the vendor's was Cudahy's own City Lounge:

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Showdown in Madison / MSOE Chili Contest

What an amazing week this has been! The demonstrations in Madison to protest Governor Scott Walker's budget proposals have surprised everyone. What a historic time! Although I have never been a member of a labor union I do support the right of employees to negotiate and I support them on a moral basis.

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