The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Reader's Thoughts on the Cudahy 2016 Budget

Cudahy, Budget, Email


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A Word From The Owner of the Metal Grill on Community Concerns

Cudahy, Email, Guest Blog

As we approach the two year mark of owning The Metal Grill, we are trying to make some adjustments to appease the neighborhood.  Even though our establishment has been a live music venue since, at least, 1995, we understand that people come and go and it is possible that not everyone moving into the neighborhood knew what businesses already existed or bothered to do any research...

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South Shore YMCA Status Email Chain

Cudahy, South Shore, YMCA, Email

I can tell you the City of Cudahy worked with the South Shore YMCA since the original announcement of the bankruptcy.

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Packard Plaza Leasing Agent

Packard Plaza, Development, Email

So below is my email back and forth to the now ex-leasing agent, Dana Meadowcroft. 

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Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt's Packard Plaza Petition Response

Cudahy, John Hohenfeldt, Mayor, Packard Plaza, Email

Dear Mrs.Wisniewski:

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More of My Packard Plaza Mall Petition Email Response

Cudahy, Cudahy District 3, Email, Packard Plaza

From: Patti Wisniewski

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My Packard Plaza Mall Petition Email Response

Common Council, Cudahy, Cudahy District 3, Email, Packard Plaza

Patti Wisniewski,

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Packard Plaza Petition

Packard Plaza, Cudahy District 3, Email

Packard Plaza Petition

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Email About My LSD Has So Many Good Things Too Post

Email, Drugs

Mr. Hollenbeck,

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An Email From a Pot Smoker

Drugs, Email, Marijuana

This is the email I received today untouched.

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No List!

Email, Zachary Wisniewski

Hello folks,

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In My Email Box Just After The Rumor Mill Is Blowing Hard in Cudahy Post

Zachary Wisniewski, Email

I received this email, well the first one, just hours after my post titled “The Rumor Mill Is Blowing Hard in Cudahy” went up.

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794 Lake Parkway Lights - Edgerton to Layton

794 Parkway, I-794, Roads, Safety, Email

As many of you know, the lights have been off on the 794 Lake Parkway from Edgerton to Layton since last winter.

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Group Email Successful and Helpful - Burnt-Out Hoan Bridge Streetlight Blubs

Cudahy, 794 Parkway, I-794, Hoan Bridge, Safety, Roads, Email

As many of you know I am a big believer in getting info out and including many people related to the issue(s).  One of the reasons is to make sure the proper people see the info or can get the info to the right people.

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Intimidation Means Bullying

Patricia Jursik, Zachary Wisniewski, Email

Before reading this:

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Email Chains of - 794 Lake Park Speed Change

794 Parkway, Cudahy, Email, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee County Supervisors, Patricia Jursik, Randy Hollenbeck, Roads, Theodore Lipscomb

Please read the first set of email chains here: Email Chains of - Asking for your help!

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Email Chains of - Asking for your help!

Cudahy, Email, Chris Abele, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee County Supervisors, Patricia Jursik, Randy Hollenbeck

As you read in my post titled “My Style”, you may see some of the same verbiage and information.  If you didn’t read it, please go back, and do so, it may enlighten you to a few things. 

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Reader and Cudahy District 3 Resident Responds

2013 Election, Alderman, Cudahy, Email, Election, Fees, Zachary Wisniewski

This is an emailed response to my post “I Am Calling a Foul on This One Zachary Wisniewski

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Let's Talk Some More on the Dysfunctional City of Cudahy

2013 Election, Alderman, Alderperson, Cudahy, Development, Brian Biernat, Common Council, Email, Mayor, Tony Day

I have talked about that development is a major issue in Cudahy and that our different segments of City Government pertaining to it are not on the same page, no check that, not even in the same book.  It is dysfunctional and with dysfunctional things it is spreading to other things.  It spreads like cancer.

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A Reader Reacts With Their Story

Cudahy, Email

I want to share with you a sad but typical Cudahy story.  I have edited this so the person’s personal stuff is not there and fixed a few spelling errors and adjusted the formatting for the blog, but going door-to-door, I have been hearing this as well.

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Election Questions From a Reader

2013 Election, Cudahy, Alderman, Email, Election, Randy Hollenbeck, Fluoride

Hi, Randy -

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Reader Comments On CPD

Cudahy, Crime, Police, Email

From my inbox:

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Cudahy Parking Rules - The Other Side of the Road

City Ordinance, Cudahy, Cars, Email, Parking

This is from a reader:

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Wisconsin Long John Silvers Closed

Food, Restaurant, Email, Wisconsin

Well you might have noticed that all of the Long John Silvers in Wisconsin are gone.

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A Reader's Thoughts on the Cudahy DPW

Cudahy, DPW, Email

This was in my inbox,

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Organizing For America office in Packard Plaza

2012 Election, Democrats, Email, Packard Plaza, Obama, Liberals

This is from a reader:

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Email from my Inbox - Reader on Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik

Email, , Milwaukee County, Patricia Jursik, Sheriff David Clark

“Randy I have no idea what you are talking about that Pat Jursik has a current tiff with Sheriff David Clark.  Are you friends with Sheriff David Clark?”

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Snow Removal in the Cudahy City 2012 Fall/Winter Newsletter

Cudahy, Newsletter, DPW, Snow Removal, Email

This was in my inbox from a concerned Cudahy Citizen on the City of Cudahy’s New 2012 Fall/Winter Newsletter.  I am hearing that people are offended by some of the items in it.

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Freelance Writer Emily Sohn on Discovery Channel Website Moderates and Spins Things

Emily Sohn, Culture, Democrats, Email, Ideology, Liberals, Republicans

So I have attempted to have my comment placed on the website on the following article and each time the comments are placed in moderation and not posted.

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Observations on So Called Friends Part 1

Conservatives, Culture, Ideology, Liberals, Life, Friendship, Facebook, Email

So as you know I am brutally honest and that is the way I have always been.  I don’t sugar coat things or walk on eggshells, I will however use tack to get my point across.  I backup my opinions with facts, figures and the truth.  This is not to say I am perfect or don’t make mistakes because I do.  I learn from them and grow.

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Educating on Proper Writing of Down syndrome

Down syndrome, Email, Info, Culture

So some of you might have seen fellow blogger Kevin Fech sternly take issue with two times in a blog mainly to discuss Sarah Palin where I improperly wrote unknowingly (ignorantly) and without malice the improper way to write Down syndrome and describe people with that diagnosis.  An ignorant excusable mistake so I thought!

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New Reader Comments on the Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

America, Conservatives, Democrats, Email, Guest Blog, Liberals, Palin, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Kevin Fech, Obama, 2008 Election

Guest Blog - Gary P Jackson

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Cudahy School District Reader Emails

Cudahy, Education, school, School Board, Students, Taxes, Referendum, MPS, Email

I am hearing this from a bunch of people.

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Part Time Mayor in the Cudahy 2012 Spring Summer Newsletter

Cudahy, Mark Otto, Mayor, McCue, Referendum, Tony Day, Email


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Apple, Email, Mac

Apple on paying taxes -

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Cudahy Development???

Culture, Development, CDA, Iceport, Mayor, Tony Day, Email

Here are some emails on Cudahy Development!!!

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Why Don't Cudahy School Board Members Have Email Addresses??

Cudahy, school, School Board, Email

Here is a question that has perplexed me, angered me, and simply made me question the thought process and wisdom of our School Superintendent and School Board members in regards to the intent NOT to allow Taxpayers to interact with the School Board members in easily used email!

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From the Inbox - Lack of Cudahy Development & City Reorg

Brian Biernat, Cudahy, Development, Email, Mark Otto, Mayor, Tony Day


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In the Email Inbox

Cudahy, DPW, Email, Mary Jo Lange, Tony Day, Mark Otto

So here are some emails that I received.

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The City of Cudahy Gag Order???

Cudahy, DPW, Email, Local Government, Mayor, Open Records Request, Taxes, Tony Day

Well people, it seems you and I are causing Mayor Day and his efforts to reorganize the City to his needs some issues.  “We” seem to be undermining his efforts in the dark of the night to bring these things to reality. 

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Look What Was Waiting For Me When I Got Home - The Memo

Cudahy, DPW, Email, Mayor, Mary Jo Lange, Tony Day

Here is the memo floating around (see below).  I am shocked they didn’t leave the pictures that I guess have been accompanying the memo.

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More On Mayor Day's Attempt To Cut The People Out

Cudahy, Email, Mark Otto, McCue, Mayor, Tony Day

So, the subject of a Part Time Mayor and the hiring of a City Administrator is a cause of great concern along with the speed at which Mayor Day wants it done.  Before the 2013 election cycle!

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Mayor Day's Email Replying Issue

Cudahy, Email, Mayor, Tony Day

Fellow blogger Heather Liban wrote a very nice post titled “Using Email Etiquette” and one of her readers – GregfromCudahy writes this comment:

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Email I Sent to Cudahy Director of Public Works/City Engineer Mary Jo Lange

Cudahy, DPW, Email, Mary Jo Lange

Mrs. Lange,

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Major Sneaky Things Happening In Cudahy

Cudahy, Email, Tony Day, Mark Otto

From Email

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CCW in Today's Inbox

Email, Guns, CCW


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You Might Have Missed This!

PUP, Teachers, Email, Washington County

John Koszarek is a public school teacher in Slinger.  He teaches social studies at Slinger High School.  He also identifies himself as a negotiator for the teachers' union.

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Today's Words of Wisdom from The Email Inbox

Culture, Email


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From A Birther Friend

Email, Obama


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From The Email Inbox

Cudahy, school, School Board, Teachers, Public Sector Unions, Email


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A Thank You From A Reader In Portland

Email, Protest

Mr. Hollenbeck,

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Today's Email Box

Email, Public Sector Unions

Here is an email from a reader in response to my post titled “A Moment Of Clarity”.  As is my standard operating practice, I don’t use their name and remove such info that might lead to id them.

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