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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Why Do Voting Machine Mishaps Only Happen With Republicans?

Election Fraud, Vote, Voter Fraud, Republicans

Don’t you think if they were truly mistakes and mishaps they would also affect Democrats?

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If Moving Far Left "Liberalism" Is the Left's Answer Why Is Mary Landrieu Moving Center

2014 Election, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Ideology

It is such a fake answer that those on the far left try to paint the Dems with and trick the Dems that they lost the 2014 elections because they were not far enough to the left and didn’t embrace “Liberalism” the why do they keep moving right to the Center to try and win elections?

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More Compares and Contrasts

2012 Election, Conservatives, Democrats, Ideology, Liberals, Mitt Romney, Obama, Paul Ryan, Ronald Reagan, Republicans

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About Redistricting!!

Democrats, Republicans

Behind closed doors: GOP and Dems alike cloaked redistricting in secrecy

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President Obama Supporters it is Time to Face Reality - Obama's Presidency is a Failure!

2012 Election, America, Debt, Democrats, Liberals, Marxism, Mitt Romney, ObamaCare, Paul Ryan, Republicans, Taxes, Obama

President Obama has been a failure!  Face it that is the truth and no matter how much spin or wishful thinking isn’t going to change that harsh reality of things.  Well for those of us that live in the real world that is.

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War on Women That is the Left!

2012 Election, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Political Ad

It’s Not the Republicans That Hate and Have a War on Women!

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Freelance Writer Emily Sohn on Discovery Channel Website Moderates and Spins Things

Emily Sohn, Culture, Democrats, Email, Ideology, Liberals, Republicans

So I have attempted to have my comment placed on the website on the following article and each time the comments are placed in moderation and not posted.

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Philadelphia Teacher Threatens Student, Calls Her a Klan Member for Wearing Romney Shirt; Says School is "Democratic", NOT Republican

Racism, 2012 Election, Those Kind and Tolerant Liberals, Culture, Democrats, Liberals, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Republicans, Students, Teachers

High-School Teacher Threatens To Assault Student For Wearing Romney T-Shirt, Likens It To KKK Sheet

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Who Won the Wisconsin U.S. Senate Debate?

2012 Election, Tammy Baldwin, Tommy Thompson, Taxes, Wisconsin, U.S. Senate, Debates, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans

With the lack of the lefty blogs and the local liberal media (Milwaukee Journal) not declaring it a Liberal Social Democrat Tammy Baldwin win, it is clear that Republican Tommy Thompson defeated her.

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New Reader Comments on the Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

America, Conservatives, Democrats, Email, Guest Blog, Liberals, Palin, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Kevin Fech, Obama, 2008 Election

Guest Blog - Gary P Jackson

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Questions Liberals Didn't or Wouldn't Answer

2012 Election, America, Culture, Economy, Ideology, Mitt Romney, Liberals, MSM, MSNBC, National Politics, Obama, Photo ID, Private Sector, Public Sector Unions, Republicans, Taxes, Voter ID

Liberal friends and readers, as you read these questions think about the ones you did answer and the ones you didn’t.  I have asked these questions to most of you and at least one of you haven’t or won’t answer them.  Remember the non-answer answers don’t count and the yes or no questions are just that!

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Missouri Republican Todd Akin Is An Idiot!

Culture, Ideology, Republicans, Abortion, Rush Limbaugh

Let me first say and remind people that in the past I have not shied away from talking about abortion Compromise or calling out my own The Right Putting Foot In Mouth, Pure Disappointment.

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Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2012

Conservatives, Culture, Democrats, Ideology, Liberals, Money, National Politics, Republicans, Debunked

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A Divided House Politically

Conservatives, Culture, Democrats, Kevin Fech, Liberals, Republicans

In April I asked one of my friends, Kevin and Angie Fech, which has a house politically divided the following questions.  He leans left and she leans right.  Here is what I asked and his response. 

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Now this is What Democracy Looks Like - Conservatism Won and Liberalism Lost!

2012 Election, Bullying, Conservatives, Democrats, Ideology, Kloppenburg, Liberals, ObamaCare, Obama, Photo ID, Protest, Public Sector Unions, PUP, Recall, Republicans, Saul Alinsky, Scott Walker, tom Barrett, Wisconsin, Mahlon Mitchell

I’m not the kind of guy to sugarcoat things and as you’ve seen, that sometimes gets me in trouble, but I’ll be brutally honest here.

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The Truthful Letter Making the Rounds about the PUP

2012 Election, AFSCME, Bullying, Collective Bargaining, Conservatives, Democrats, Ideology, Liberals, Protest, Public Sector Unions, PUP, Recall, Republicans, Saul Alinsky, Scott Walker, tom Barrett, WEAC, Wisconsin

Here is the email that people are a buzz about because it speaks volumes of truth about the recall, liberals, and the Public Union Party.

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Michael Reagan Compares Scott Walker to Ronald Reagan

2012 Election, Conservatives, Republicans, Ronald Reagan, Political Ad, Public Sector Unions, PUP, Scott Walker, Wisconsin

Michael Reagan & Wisconsinites Speak Out For Scott Walker

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Conservatives, Ideology, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals

What Is Your Answer To This Statement?

Culture, Democrats, Conservatives, Ideology, Liberals, Republicans, Businesses

When you see the statement “Maximize company profits” what comes to mind?

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Governor Scott Walker is Chosen Governor of the Year

Scott Walker, PUP, Wisconsin, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans

For the Governors Journal:

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Change and Adjustments

America, Conservatives, Cudahy, Democrats, Liberals, Obama, Republicans, Scott Walker, TEA party

Fellow blogger and friend Kevin Fech asked the question, “If the Packers Can Make Adjustments, Why Can't Government?

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See the Difference?

Conservatives, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans

To a Liberal all Democrats are Liberals! 

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The Differences of the Political Sides

Conservatives, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans

The right and those on it, will always be able to tell you why you should vote for someone and not just why NOT to vote for someone.

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2012 Election Thoughts

2012 Election, Conservatives, Democrats, Liberals, Obama, Mitt Romney, Republicans

While talking with a few of moderate political friends, they tell me that to beat Obama we need a center right moderate.  Conservatives are too polarizing and will not get the Independents, they are too far extreme.

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All In Strategy - What Happens If Governor Walker Wins The Recall!

Democrats, Liberals, Protest, Public Sector Unions, Recall, Republicans, Scott Walker, Wisconsin

When you go “All In” and lose, who do you blame?

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A Few Words from U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan

America, Conservatives, Economy, Republicans

Obama's economic experiment has failed – time to get back to what works

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Jay Weber's List For Governor Walker and the Republicans

Conservatives, Guest Blog, Jay Weber, Scott Walker, Republicans, Wisconsin

Here is the audience’s new/continuing Wish List for Scott Walker and the Republicans in Madison.  First, the UNFINISHED ITEMS FROM THE PRIOR LIST:

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Important Info to Read & Understand

2011 Election, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Recall, school, Scott Walker, Union, Public Sector Unions

WMC Talking Points: State Budget Helps Families, Schools

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Something to Think About

2011 Election, Democrats, Republicans, Scott Walker

Stand With Scott Walker

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Political Labels I Have Been Called

Conservatives, Republicans

These are just a sample of the political labels I have been called in the last month or two.

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Is this an odd statement?

Conservatives, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Protest

People can grow and change, but ideology cannot!

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Places To Send GOP Donations

Conservatives, Republicans, Wisconsin

Republican Party of Wisconsin

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