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Good News for Bay View Area Schools

  The Bay View Historical Society has received a development grant from Wisconsin Humanikties Council for the services of John Gurda, our Bay View historian, to assist in designing the collaboration with Bay View area schools, Milwaukee Public museum, UW-Milwaukee and BVHS that will inspire on-going community building events.

  The purpose of the collaboration is to create a stronger sense of belonging in the Bay View community. As society changes, families move, and the economy challenges the ability of neighborhoods, BVHS knows that working together for the good of everyone will bring relationships, offer support, and create resources that are vital for growth, connection and future development. The community building project will offer students, staff, families, businesses, neighbors, historical society members and elders in Bay View time to learn and participate together. We continue to encourage a sense of community by conserving, celebrating and sharing Bay View's rich heritage.

  School and community activities will focus on:

    *  studying the history of early settlers like Beulah Brinton,

    *  creating digital archives of relevent documents,

    *  investigation of what creates community,

    *  use of literature and interviews to gain human perspectives, and

    *  student projects that showcase why community is a valuable and important resource.

  Public programs exhibiting student projects will be scheduled at the Milwaukee Public Museum, Bay View Historical Society, Fernwood Montessori School and Clement Ave. School for the greater community. Members of BVHS will serve as resources to students as well as promoters of the public events thatb will be planned.

  John Gurda will also serve as a guide for student projects. While students begin to explore the Bay View area, John will help to focus their questions and interests with suggestions for literature, people to interview, or organizations that will help to support further exploration of the community.

  Thanks to all who are helping to initiate our community enrichment project with more students and families!


  For more information, contact Susan Ballje at 414-481-3369

Bay View Historical Society

2590 S. Superior Street

Milwaukee, Wi. 53207-1954

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