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Voucher schools are not required to do the following

Voucher schools are not required to do the following

  One of the biggest concerns with the taxpayer-funded voucher program, is lack of accountability and transparency measures. While the voucher program will be now receiving more taxpayer dollars, it will not see an increase in accountability or transparency.

  DPI Report Card System -- Require all schools top provide the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) with data and meet certain performance measure that all traditional public school must meet.

  Reading Assessment -- Require all schools receiving taxpayer dollars to administer the same reading assessment test to better compare students.

  Teacher Licensure -- Require all teachers in a voucher school to be licensed just like teachers in traditional public schools.

  Special Education Staff -- Require voucher schools to employ special education teachers or therapists if pupils needing such services attend voucher schools.

  Graduation Credits and Standards -- Require voucher schools  to at least meet the minimum graduation requirements  that apply to public schools.

  Backround Checks -- Require all voucher schools to conduct backround checks  on all staff and prohibit a private school in the voucher program from employing an individual convicted of certain class felonies, such as sex offenses specified in Wis. Stats 115.31


  Everyone says "children are our future". They will have to be our citizens for the next generations. We need to invest in public education now for the best future for everyone!

Penny Manke

South Milwaukee, Wi. 53172

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