Breaking the rules

I hate rules and break them every chance I get. One of the things young photographers learn when photographing outside is to always have the sun to their backs and on the front of their subjects. Not a bad rule, but again, I hate rules.

This past week I was covering a girls soccer game late in the day between Menomonee Falls and Whitnall. I started to photograph on the west side of the field with the sun to my back and directly on the players. It was what photographers call "nice light". Directional and golden-reddish sunlight that happens as sunset nears on a clear - and in this case - cold, day. I made photos of the game for a while until I was sure I had something that I was happy with and then walked to the other side of the field looking into the setting sun.

With a 50-foot walk, the same field looked different. Sun shown through the girls' hair and rim lit them with almost a halo around their shoulders. Two photos made during the second half of the same game, but looking different. Sometimes breaking the rules is fun.

This was taken front lit with the sun to my back.

This shot was back lit, looking into the sun.

See ya on the side lines,


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