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Getting Started

    Talking with your child about school is a simple but key first step. Find out about his likes and dislikes at school, what comes easy and what doesn't, things that make him uncomfortable or stressed.  The more specific  your questions, the more likely you are to get a real answer.

   Students do best when parents and teachers work together as partners.

   Meeting and communicating with the teacher is important, too.  Let the teacher  know about anything that may affect your child's performance: strengths and weaknesses, learning style, study habits, special interests, family issues, personality traits, or behavior concerns.  The teacher is an expert when it comes to education, but no one knows more about your child as you.

  Another simple thing that you can do is to attend school events. That encourages  your child to see school as an integral part of your family life, and that is an important connection.

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