New civic center being crammed down taxpayers' throats

Published on: 3/25/2013

Public Forum:

Are there any St. Francis taxpayers out there that are as upset as I am about our elected officials ramming this new civic center down our throats? The price tag is a whopping $8.5+ million. The economy sure hasn't gotten any better to justify this wasteful mismanagement of our taxes.

I have written to the mayor more than five times to get an answer to this simple question: "Where is it written that our elected reps can indiscriminately commit $8.5+ mil of our money without informing EVERY single taxpayer in the city?" I've contacted my alderman (Brickner) asking the same question, but must have touched a nerve because he claimed the whole City Hall is condemned! I'm just one of "those" people who he could never convince we need a NEW City Hall! MAYBE if someone would have presented the facts to the people who are paying for it, we could or would have made an INFORMED decision.

Where were the informational meetings?

Why did the planning committee visit the northern suburb facilities of Fox Point, Glendale, Bayside, etc., instead of Cudahy, South Milwaukee and Oak Creek? Do you realize the median income of Fox Point is $95,712 (St. Francis is $43,940), their median housing unit is $312,785 (SF, $160,207). Is this a fair comparison? There was a sum of $2+ million to repair, replace or rebuild mentioned in this facility study. Wouldn't you have liked to have been given the information to choose what is best for the city?

They say the increase in our taxes is no big deal, I say it might be the difference between a hot dog or a hamburger for supper.

I will not be a proud resident of St. Francis when I trudge to the new civic center to pay my taxes because I know that, in all probability, I will be forced to sell my house that I've lived in for more than 30 years.

But I heard a rumor that the taxpayers may get a chance to approve the artwork to adorn our halls of the new $8.5+ million Civic Center that we had no choice to approve or disapprove!

Please contact your aldermen and ask the same question I asked. I would love to see if you can get an answer. Maybe the mayor has an answer?

Jean Ann Popko

St. Francis