South Milwaukee considers exotic animal measure

Published on: 6/1/2009

South Milwaukee - Lions and tigers and bears … and sharks and rhinos and elephants are among a myriad of animals that would be barred as pets if the Common Council approves a new exotic animal ordinance Tuesday.

The ordinance is being considered because of an ongoing feud the city is having with Gail Krug, who has been issued two citations for keeping a goat and too many dogs and cats at her home.

The city's existing ordinance lists which animals can be kept as pets and says residents can apply for permits for other animals, city Public Health Administrator Jackie Ove said Monday. Because of confusion regarding the goat, the new ordinance, patterned after one in Cudahy, would list which animals cannot be kept as pets, she said.

Krug was issued a ticket April 7 for keeping two dogs and four cats, which exceeds the city limit of three dogs and cats. She was also cited May 13 for the goat. Both citations carry a fine of $55.60 per day.

Ove said Krug is requesting that a municipal judge in a different city consider the citations. The St. Francis municipal judge will consider the dogs and cats citation, though no court date is set; and Krug's request for a different judge for the goat citation is pending, Ove said.