Share some bright spots from a bleak year

Nov. 23, 2009

The father of this Oak Creek family of six has been out of a job for more than two years.

But through prayer and determination, and tightening their belts, the family has been able to hang on to the house, pay the bills and make sure everyone's basic needs are met.

Their story is a true story of resolve.

It's also the kind of story that NOW Newspapers is seeking for our special year-end project that focuses on the positives of 2009.

There is no question that this has been one of the most difficult years in decades. Times are tough, people are losing their homes and their jobs, and the future is uncertain.

But we also know there are some bright spots out there.

This is a chance for you to share your positive news with the rest of the community.

Maybe, like the family from Oak Creek, you're thankful that you've managed to survive in the face of adversity in these hard times. Or perhaps something truly joyful has happened to you this year - a new child or grandchild welcomed into the family, a wedding or other family milestone, a new job or other opportunity that came along this year.

We've made it simple to share your good news. You can e-mail, call, write or contact us via our Web site. Feel free to submit photos that illustrate your positive story, as well.

No story is too small or insignificant. In fact, your story just might be bigger than you think.

Many of your tales will be presented to our readers and Web users exactly how you tell them to us, but we will explore others in more depth with interviews and photos and video.

We've seen plenty of bad news in 2009. Let's end the year on a positive by focusing on these stories of resolve.

Tell us your story

Has something positive happened to you or your family in 2009? Share your story of resolve.

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