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Dec. 11 is deadline to share your positive stories from '09

Dec. 1, 2009

When we first asked our readers three weeks ago to share their positive news from 2009, we had no idea what kind of response we would receive.

After all, this has been a tough year for many people, and we weren't sure how much good news is really out there.

But the e-mails, letters and phone calls have been coming in daily - and we're pleased to report that this year hasn't been all bad.

Giving a positive spin to what has been a difficult year is the whole point of NOW Newspapers' special year-end project, called Resolve.

And while we've received a lot of great stories so far, we're looking for more. If you have something positive you want to share, you have until Dec. 11 to get in touch with us.

What kind of stories are we looking for? Just about any personal, uplifting story that shows the good side of 2009.

For example, over the weekend, I talked to a West Allis man who had his own automotive-related business and whose wife was a Realtor. When the auto and real estate industries started slumping late last year, the two decided to restart a professional singing career they had given up decades ago as a way to supplement their income. By the time the year is over, the couple will have performed more than 100 times - and they're enjoying every minute of it.

Then there's the single mom in Wauwatosa who amassed about $25,000 in credit card debt and vowed that this would be the year that she gets serious about getting that under control.

So, she swore off the credit cards this year and totally changed her lifestyle by tightening the belt, eliminating frivolous spending and clipping lots of coupons. As a result, she has managed to knock nearly $20,000 off of that debt this year, an accomplishment she's very proud of.

"Even with a couple of major unexpected expenses this year, I couldn't be happier," she told us.

Those are just some examples of the kind of stories we're looking for.

We've made it simple to share your good news. You can e-mail, call, write or contact us via our Web site. Feel free to submit photos that illustrate your positive story, as well.

Many of your tales will be presented to our readers and Web users exactly how you tell them to us, but we will explore others in more depth with interviews and photos and video.

And we'll present everything to our readers - online and in print - on Dec. 31.

Tell us your story

Has something positive happened to you or your family in 2009? Share your story of resolve.

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