St. Francis bar could lose license if owner lied about OWI

Published on: 7/19/2010

St. Francis - The Common Council could decide Tuesday to revoke the license of Shorty's Pub because the owner allegedly lied about being convicted of operating while intoxicated.

An OWI conviction itself wouldn't disqualify Shorty's from getting its annual beer and liquor licenses renewed, but falsifying an application is grounds for a non-renewal, City Administrator Ralph Voltner said Monday.

The owner of Shorty's, Todd Schultz, could not be reached for comment.

Schultz wrote on his annual license renewal application for the tavern that he had not been convicted in the past year "of any offenses, excluding traffic offenses not related to alcohol," City Clerk Anne Uecker said.

But Schultz in fact was convicted of an OWI in Franklin in the past year, according to Voltner.

Even if the council decides to renew the Shorty's license, the pub, which is now closed, could be prevented from reopening, Voltner said.

Schultz owes money to both his suppliers and to the state and under state law such debts are grounds for non-renewal of a tavern license, Voltner said.

Tavern licenses are issued July 1 of each year.

Schultz has told the city that he will appear at Tuesday's council meeting, Uecker said.

Shorty's, 2227 E. St. Francis Ave., has been in business in St. Francis for a number of years.